They offer advisory scholarships to Mexicans who want to study abroad

the bank Santander and the Mexican Foundation for Education, Technology and Science (funded) I launched the invitation to Scholarships to give advice mexican students Who are looking forward to making Master in it Foreigner.

supported Leaders in Development Funded 2022 500 applicants will be assisted, completely virtually and free of charge, with courses that help them enter a top-ranked institution.

The a program It consists of five stages and the duration depends on each person. However, you can only stay for three years.

The Scholarship Aimed at Mexicans who want to study a Master in management, architecture, law, science, mathematics, engineering, economics, or in a field related to economic and management professions.

People who have already taken Master Outside Mexico, it will not be accepted Leaders in Development Funded 2022.

with the Scholarship According to the announcement, “accompaniment is granted during the process of preparation, exploration, selection and application of the best master’s programs abroad.”

Santander Specifies that it is not providing financial support to Study a master’s abroad. It only accompanies the preparation, application and search for educational support to study abroad.

Those interested in counseling have until February 28 to apply for Scholarship. Applications will be evaluated from February 28 and candidates will be selected on March 9.

Santander and Funed Scholarship Requirements

– Holds citizenship Mexican.

Be a student in the last two semesters Bachelor degree or graduated from the course in the last three years.

have studied at a public higher education institution (HEI) or in a private institution with a Scholarship of social and economic need.

Have a high GPA, honorable thesis, or academic awards or privileges during the degree.

Those interested in the scholarship must have passed a digital skills course from the National Association of Universities and Higher Education Institutions (ANUIES).

Applicants who meet the profile requested by Santander Scholarships You can apply on the site

Those who have doubts about the counseling program can send their questions to the e-mail [email protected].

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