They offer 5,000 scholarships online to study English and improve job prospects


Online English courses from Santander Languages ​​- British Council Scholarships are for people over the age of 18 from 13 countries and their goal is to help improve the professional skills of the recipients.

These scholarships provide fully online training and cover all costs for the recipients.

Those interested can register at the link on the website until March 29 this year.

There are five levels of training, depending on the candidates’ knowledge of English: Beginner (A1) to Advanced (C1), for 12 weeks (April to July) and 12 online sessions with teachers from the British Council. The program also includes access to interactive self-study materials with videos and activities, with an estimated duration of 48 hours. Its goal is to increase employment opportunities for students and facilitate their access to the international market.

They will also improve their skills to work in meetings and conversations, as well as be able to communicate with professionals from different fields and students from different countries. Once the courses are completed, the recipients will receive a certificate from the British Council that guarantees their completion.

For Blanca Sagastume, Deputy Global Director of Universities of Santander, “One of the goals is to enhance employability through training in transversal skills and competencies such as languages. Another year we decided to launch a new call for scholarships with the British Council to provide tools to access a changing job market. and uncertain.”

Mark Howard, Director of the British Council in Spain, highlighted the scope of these scholarships and their transformative potential “that promote understanding and access to new cultures in a globalized world among the more than 20,000 young people from 13 countries who have benefited from them, from its first edition in March 2020”.

Banco Santander, the leader in responsible banking, maintains its unwavering commitment to inclusive and sustainable progress and growth with a pioneering and unified commitment to higher education, which it has developed through the Universities of Santander for 25 years, that distinguishes it from the rest. financial institutions in the world. The entity has committed more than $2,250 million in total and awarded more than 630,000 scholarships and grants to students, professionals, entrepreneurs, and SMEs since its launch.

The British Council is the British international organization for cultural relations and educational opportunities. Its mission is to create links, understanding and trust between citizens of the UK and other countries, through art, culture, education and the English language. In Spain, the work of the British Council began more than 80 years ago, in the summer of 1940. Since then, every year it generates educational and cultural opportunities, through which thousands of Spaniards change their lives.

Diego Vidal, a Chilean researcher specializing in politics and international affairs and co-author of the latest edition of the programme, explained that he decided to enroll because “in the field of international relations it is necessary to master the English language. You have to constantly develop it, either because it is an essential aspect of the internationalization of any profession or to choose better job opportunities” .

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