They offer 3805 scholarships for “ninis” – La Prensa de Monclova

Vacancies are open to young people who are not studying or working in Coahuila.

Written by Wendy Riojas

A total of 3,805 vacancies for 1,309 job centers will be opened by the Coahuila Welfare Secretariat for young people who are not studying or working, known as “Ninis” through the “Young people build the future” programme.

Young people will receive a monthly stipend of 5,258 pesos for 12 months while they receive the training, provided they register on the Federal Program website

It is worth noting that “Youth Building the Future” is a program that connects people between the ages of 18 and 29, who are neither studying nor working, with companies, workshops, institutions or businesses in which they develop work habits.

During the training period, for a period of up to a year, young people receive a monthly support of 5,258.13 pesos and medical insurance against diseases, in order to increase their chances of future employment.

Yesterday, the sub-delegate of the Federal Government for the Central Region, Claudia Garza del Toro, indicated that: “If you are a young man between the ages of 18 and 29 and do not work or study, 3,805 vacancies will be opened in Coahuila. 1,309 job centers.”

He adds: “The job centers have already been verified, and you will receive a monthly grant of 5,258 pesos for 12 months during the training: register at and join the #JovenesConstruiendoElFuturo.”

But the citizens asked him: As for disabled children? “They should support university students,” among other comments, after the support that young people who neither study nor work in Coahuila will receive.

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