They offer 35 scholarships to study majoring in Big Data for youth and adults | News

Due to the high demand for employment for experts in data processing and analysis, Fundación Telefónica Movistar is offering 35 scholarships to study majoring in Big Data Analytics in order to train more professionals with the digital skills required by many companies.

This was announced by Laren Osorio, Systems Engineer and Instructor of the Big Data Analytics course for Telefónica’s Conecta Empleo program, who also said that due to the pandemic, organizations, companies or companies require more of this type of specialist, which dominates the virtual field and artificial intelligence.

“The World Economic Forum mentions it in In nearly 4 years there will be 97 million new jobs related to AI and big data So it will be, if indeed, one of the most in-demand jobs,” he stated in an interview with the program Andean Daily.

The Big Data scholarship offered by Telefónica – he said – will allow the scholarship holders to become a big data manager, that is, to be experts in analyzing and managing large amounts of information that helps organizations to propose solutions or strategies in order to deliver quality of service, especially in this digital age .

The course seeks to increase employability in this new digital niche and enhance students’ soft and technical skills, making them an ideal candidate for a job in data analysis.

According to a study conducted by the consulting company EY Peru, data professionals are in great demand both abroad and in our country 73% of national companies already have digital transformation projects Under implementation or in the process of implementation.

The call for one of the 35 Big Data Scholarships is aimed at young people and adults from across the country with different professional profiles, who want training in database management and artificial intelligence.

“One of the objectives of the program is that, at the end of the course, the student can apply data processing and management standards and have up-to-date information on the concept of big data and artificial intelligence,” he said.

In this specialization course, fellows will learn concepts related to big data, cloud computing, and machine learning. Likewise, in key archetypes in batch and real-time architecture designs ingest, process, store, analyze, provide, and consume data using key Google Cloud Platform services.

Registration is until Monday, April 11, and the list of shortlisted applicants will be published on Monday, April 25. For more information, you can enter the following Telefónica link.

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