They have offered 52 scholarships – El Diario del Centro del País

The Tío Pujio Ltda Association for Public Services, Housing and Credit has embarked on offering 52 scholarships to local students who are pursuing various careers after completing secondary level.

The event was held in the Oreste Sartoris hall in the presence of representatives of this organization for the social and solidarity economy, teachers and students. On behalf of the cooperative’s board of directors, Vice President Maria Pia Marinozzi, loyal Secretary Paola Elizabeth Rey, and protector Natalia Laura Lenti attended.

These scholarships are part of the Education Fund project, which aims to provide support to students seeking higher education and stems from the cooperation between the entity and the Regional Institute of Secondary Education No. 172 José Hernández.

The investment in education that the cooperative will contribute during the 2022 academic year will reach 2,340 thousand pesos, spread over nine months, 260 thousand pesos.

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