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Youth denounced Alianza Verde and other moves That with Voices University scholarships are offered to buy votes for specific candidates in elections

Municipal Youth Councils in Medellin.

These electoral violations Gather in just one day when the municipal council elections will be held this Sunday Youth across the country are for young people aged 14 to 28.

According to the complaint of young people from Alianza Verdi and other movements, Through emails, WhatsApp chats and audio recordings, votes are sought for the candidates of the Medellín Unites Us movement, led by Chancellor Albert Corridor, who was suspended from the board by the Democratic Center and belongs to a family that owns the American University and Census.

In one of the audio recordings, for example, These scholarships are awarded if votes are obtained and the electoral certificate is sent.

For those who send me voter certificate, these same people will be called here to American University for scholarships to study for masters, professions and employment, so why not. It is for people between the ages of 14 and 28 and there is a list for those to vote for

He heard in one of the recordings that the complainants have.

a youth member Green Alliance and mayoral candidate Felipe Guevarastressing that this movement has had questions since its inception.

Medellin unites us is a list that has received questions Throughout this campaign, because they are young people close to Chancellor Albert Corredor, they are young people who do not have the support of the Democratic Center, which is Chancellor Corredor’s party but who are clearly the one who has come out publicly in support of him. He said.

Complainants will submit Complain about the evidence in their possession at the Public Prosecutor’s Office. At the moment, neither Albert Corridor nor the Medellín unite us movement has spoken.

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