They condemn the poisoning of students with hallucinogens in Bogotá

Maria del Carmen MurciaAnd Dean of the Gerardo Paredes School, located in the town of Soba in Bogotá, He denied that there was a major poisoning in the institution, as some parents reported on social media.

The director of the educational institution confirmed that several The children were panicked by the situation caused by the presence of ambulances, police and officials from the Ministry of Health and the Institute for Risk Management in the Ediger region.

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in the wake of panic The dean of the Gerardo Paredes school said that nine students were transferred to Soba Hospital and only one student remained in medical care for a respiratory problem.

In the event of an emergency, health authorities treated many students from Gerardo Paredes SchoolAnd which according to Parents may be affected by the consumption of a supposed hallucinogen, which they indicated should be the cause of investigation by the authorities.

they also shared Soba Police, Red Cross and Emergency Care Units Which supported the students’ initial interest in transferring them to medical centers.

University President Maria del Carmen Murcia, He told RCN Mundo “We set up a command center to deal with the emergency and there were three girls who had a convulsion but we don’t know why, but what we know for sure is that There was no poisoning because the event was initially classified as poisoning, but we didn’t classify it that way at school.”

It was dangerous organizations that initially thought that they were poisoning, according to the rector, the reason for the situation was more panic and parental comments.

The Dean also revealed that 17 children were evaluated and 9 were transferred to Soba Hospital, eight of them have already been discharged, and one of the minors is still under observation.

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The county also spoke out against the situation

The directorate explained, through a statement, how it dealt with the emergency that was registered in this educational institution. Here is a statement from the District Health Secretariat:

Facing the incident that was shown in the facilities of the Gerardo Paredes School in Soba town, the local health minister reported:

  • At about noon on Wednesday, nine minors, seven girls and two boys, from the Gerardo Paredes School located in Soba Rincon, entered the emergency services of Soba Hospital of the Northern Integrated Health Services Sub-Network, presenting a clinical schedule indicating possible external toxicity. Unknown agent.
  • The nine children underwent toxicology tests and are in preparation. Taking into account the development of the eight juveniles who are in the health services unit in Soba, it is expected that they will be discharged in the next few hours when the medical staff deems it appropriate and one of the cases is still under observation.
  • In addition, samples of food eaten by minors are taken to exclude the possibility of its association with the health status of minors. In addition to investigating alleged consumption of sweets in various presentations identified in the information gathering process.
  • The Ministry of Health is working with the Ministry of Education to carry out all the analyzes required to clarify the current situation.

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