They canceled the scholarships for observations in the humanities

The Notes Scholarship was very useful in the early years, as the beneficiary of this scholarship ensures that students get the course materials. Likewise, it is necessary to note that photocopies today cost $10 per page, which is very important for students, which adds a high cost to their expenses.

This reduction in the Faculty of Humanities is part of an adjustment in low-budget education that is expressed today both in the reduction of scholarships and in the conditions of study, and in the lack of expansion of chairs and expansion of the register of demand and schedules in the School of Humanities – and also in the fragility of teachers where many work in It remained monotonous, that is, without work rights and with a large workload due to the increase of students in their seats.

For these reasons, we demand the re-launch of the Notes scholarship because it represents an essential aid for students, and we even demand that the scholarship be extended so that it reaches all students of the College of Humanities without discrimination.

In the context in which the government signed an agreement with the International Monetary Fund, unemployment has increased, there is inflation of 52.3%, there is an adjustment in education. The university authorities do nothing more than welcome the agreement with joy and adapt to the student.

We need an independent and combative center that organizes the demands of the students.

We request Cehum to call a meeting to fight for the return and expansion of the memo scholarships, to ensure access to materials for all students.

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