These are the main proposals made by Sergio Fajardo to the Presidency of Colombia

Centro Esperanza Alliance candidate, Sergio Fajardo, has presented his government plan that he would develop if elected along with his formula for Vice President, Luis Gilberto Murillo.

Let’s remember that this election will take place next Sunday, May 29 this year.

Its main proposals are as follows:


– “We will improve the conditions of the infrastructure and technological resources of 10,000 educational centers with rehabilitated and improved infrastructure, with full Internet access and pedagogical support for teachers.”

– “We will increase the state’s contribution to promoting public higher education on four fronts. First, we will provide more resources according to coverage and quality goals. Second, we will improve and build new public infrastructure in universities. Third, we will expand the faculty not only to increase the number of vacancies but also to take advantage of the ever-growing number of doctors in the country. Fourth, we will increase the number of direct scholarships focused on vulnerable populations and ethnic communities.”

– “We will reform Icetex so that access to the university is not synonymous with unpaid debts or privileges. Icetex will bypass accreditation. It will also award scholarships, credits with income-related payments, and integrate donations and support universities with resources to strengthen universities.”

Science, technology and innovation

– «We will establish five research centers, to expand the scope of existing institutions and initiatives in agriculture (Agrosavia), manufacturing and services, energy and climate change, health and bio-economics.»

– “We will conclude a national agreement to finance science, technology and innovation between the public sector, companies, universities and civil society to bring, at the end of our government, the investment in the sector to 1% of GDP.”


– «We will create section games for children and juniors (from 8 to 12 years old).»

– “We will organize the national university sports leagues as a competitive ring. We will be adding the Higher Education Student category to the National Intercollegiate Games. We will rise to the university level as an introduction to professional sports.”


– «We will work to implement the cultural reward proposed in previous years, as a program to stimulate the consumption of cultural goods and services among young people. These incentives translate into subsidies for tickets to cultural performances, museums, archaeological parks, cinema, and book purchases, among others.”

– «We will propose a new General Law for Cultures, in order to establish the necessary guidelines, among other things, to have a basic budget for culture at 1% of the resources allocated free of charge to the general system of participation. We will make strong and continuous increases in the budget of the Ministry of Culture.”


“We will triple our spending on research and development in the next four years (today is barely 0.3% of GDP) to bring it to 1% of GDP. We will do this through a public-private fund for science, technology, innovation and entrepreneurship.”

– “We will create the National Network for Entrepreneurship, which integrates incubators, accelerators, technology parks and venture funds (such as the Emprender Fund) so that more companies thrive, especially in the strategic sectors of agriculture.”

– “We will create 440,000 new jobs during the government’s term by developing 4,000 public projects.”

Find out all of this presidential candidate’s proposals at the following link:

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