There is always time to make your career dreams come true: The José Luis story

Training is necessary to achieve job improvements or jump into more competitive sectors. But not everyone has the opportunity to seize the moment and turn their career around when they need to. Ensuring equal opportunities and ensuring that they later return to society has become a challenge for departments and companies, which are trying to give a boost to those who want to improve their employability in a changing environment like this one.

Among those projects Circular plan of the Universia FoundationFrom Banco Santander. Its goal is to provide financial support to those who are trying to get out of unemployment or improve their job prospects, but have neither the time nor the money to do so. Aimed at students or professionals who wish to research sectors related to innovation and digital skills, the Fundación Universia Circular Plan offers financial support to access Boot Camp training.

The money received later, without interest, is returned within 40 months only if you get a job and if you earn more than 18,000 euros per year. Next to, 100% of the refund will go to a new studentallowing the plan to continue and more people to realize their dreams.

Circular Plan Fundación Universia made possible stories like that of Jose Luis, who was able to change the trajectory of his career with this help and focus his training on the IT sector. He says he was able to find a job even before he finished the training camp.

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