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Seven months after Alejandro Gaviria, the chaplain of the University of Los Andes, resigned to aspire to the presidency, the Nominating Committee appointed by the Foundation’s Steering Committee announced Three names will occupy the position of rector in the property.

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After analyzing and evaluating the resumes of a large number of internal and external candidates, in light of the specific job profile and consultations with different sectors of the Uniandino community, the Nominating Committee agreed to submit names of Raquel Bernal, Anna Maria Ibanez and Eduardo Bernitz for consideration by members of the Supreme CouncilThe university said in a statement.

He added, “The Nominating Committee has tried to keep members of the Supreme Council and the entire university community informed of the evolution of this process. He wanted to do this in a participatory and transparent manner, always bearing in mind the enormous responsibility that the Supreme Council has for choosing the person who will direct the fate of the university in the coming years.”

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Who are the candidates for the chaplain in the Andes?Rachel Bernal

Raquel Bernal, current president in charge of the Andes


Andean University

Bernal is currently the rector in charge of the institution, who has held this position since the resignation of Gaviria, of which she was the university’s academic vice-rector. She is an economist at this institution and was a professor at the School of Economics from 2006 to 2014. She holds a master’s and doctorate degrees in economics from New York University (2003).

His research focuses on social economics, the economics of education, the economics of family and work, and the determinants of human capital, especially during early childhood. She is an expert in impact assessment. Professor Bernal is among the 10 most cited economists in Colombia (according to RePec).

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Anna Maria Ibanez

Anna Maria Ibanez

Ibanez, Dean of Economics.


Andean University

Last year, Ibanez looked like one potential replacement for Gaviria. She was the Dean of Andean Economics, a member of the Grupo Éxito Board of Directors and also works as an advisor to the Islamic Development Bank. He also holds a Ph.D. in Agricultural Economics and Natural Resources from the University of Maryland.

In her career, she has also worked as a visiting professor at Yale University, as well as for entities such as Fedesarrollo.

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Edward Berntz

Edward Berntz

Eduardo Behrentes, Deputy Academic Adviser to the Andes


Andean University

Current Administrative and Financial Vice President of the University of Los Andes He has held this position since October 2020. He is a civil engineer and holds a master’s degree in environmental engineering from this institution. He received his PhD in Environmental Science and Engineering from the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) School of Public Health, from which he graduated with honors.

He has served on numerous boards and advisory boards at organizations such as the Colombian Chamber of Infrastructure, the Tecnnova Foundation, the National Engineering Program at Colciencias, and the World Council of Deans of Engineering, among others. Laureate of the National Engineering Award (Giulio Garavito Medal of Merit).

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