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There are more than a thousand registered for the Egresar en Misiones scholarship

Thursday 14 April 2022 | 3:00 am.

This year, there are already more than 1,000 registered for the Egresar Scholarship, of which 933 are eligible to be recipients. This comes from the data provided by the education authorities in the province, which indicated that registrations will continue until April 20, and for this reason the numbers continue to be counted and it is estimated that they will increase as the days go by.

The national program targets young adults between the ages of 18 and 24 who have high school subjects. Last year, the aid covered 1,800 missionary students.

In this context, Cielo Linares, undersecretary of the regional education ministry, told El Territorio that in last Friday’s report there were already 933 people in a position to receive scholarships, “and that’s good data. What we’ve seen is a growing even distribution.”

He added that the greatest demand is usually in the metropolitan and opera departments, but this time, in places such as 25 de Mayo and Cainguás, more young people have registered.

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The program started last year and was separated from the Progresar program because it is a must for those who have not completed high school. “What we had before was a large population in a state of no-and-no: they had not finished school and had not started higher education,” said the one in charge of Egresar’s origins. Regarding the items owed by enrollees, he said, “we still don’t have discriminatory data,” but he clarified that out of the 900, about 300 from last year owed more than five semesters.

“Once we have this information, once the inscriptions are closed, there is a report of things to be done,” he said.

Last year, Linares said, they found 1,800 young people who did not finish high school, and of those 1,100 were debtors. “They have tried to introduce this topic more than two or three times and yet they have not succeeded.” And of that number, there were many who completed between one and four courses after completing training and submitting their final work.

Entering labor

Last year, there were 41 secondary schools in Igresar, four of which were in the city of Posadas. The coordinators worked there to regulate the number of students. Accordingly, the topics were organized. According to them and their number, groups were grouped. “Young people who owe a subject organized themselves with one or two teachers and implemented self-help modules of the Guacurarí platform that relate to the intensification of teaching, with available materials used by all secondary schools,” he added that in integrative projects for those who owe two or more subjects, there was a mentor teacher. In this case, the students who passed it were greeted.

An example that should be highlighted, according to Linares, is that in an area there was a student who owed three subjects. The young man’s project consisted of a small project.

He stressed that “the mayor participated in the evaluation of the work and helped him implement the project, because this is also the purpose: recruitment.”

Registration requirements

Egresar scholarship recipients will receive 6,400 pesos per month. The vesting is processed every three months and can be renewed for up to two quarters, depending on the amounts owed. Requirements must be between 18 and 24 years old, to be material owed from 2016 to 2021 and family group must not exceed three times the minimum vital and mobile salary. There is still plenty of time to register until the 20th of this month to access this tool, which is implemented by the Ministry of Education in the country after agreement with each governorate within the framework of the Federal Council of Education.

Those interested can register using the form: https://egresar.educacion.gob.ar/Inscripcion/Inscripcion.aspx

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