There are 10,238 applicants for the Itaipu National University Scholarship

A total of 10,238 young people have successfully completed the application process for one of the 3,000 University of Itaipu – Becal Scholarships for 2022. The data submitted by the candidates, who on March 12 must pass the mathematics and Spanish exams, are now compared.

In total, since January 17, the application-enabled corporate website, a total of 11,792 requests, but there were 1,554 operations started, but applicants did not complete them, explained from Itaipu. Thus, the number of candidates for Scholarships from ItaipuAnd 2022 فترة periodwe are 10,238 young men.

The advisor from Social Responsibility from hydropower, Daniel Ramirez Brizuelamake it clear that they will now cross the data provided by the candidates with that in the Individual Student Record (RUE) Ministry of Education (MEC), Tariffs Police and other databases. The February 25the scholarship unit will report on Final List of Candidates has been confirmed.

Those who continue to race, the March 12 Must be submitted in person math tests s Spanish. This will be followed by a socio-economic assessment of applicants.

This appeal is directed to the people of Paraguay Alumni from school in Promotions 2019, 2020 and 2021Supported public, private and private educational institutions.

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