The WWB Colombia Foundation supports people who wish to study abroad through the Colfuturo Talent Seedling Program

The most distinguished students, alumni, and educators from all regions of Colombia who apply to the Colfuturo Talent Seed (PST) program will, for the fourth year in a row, receive financial support from WWB Colombia, an organization that remains a strategic ally of PST to provide them with access to high-quality educational opportunities in the world.

Developed by Colfuturo since 2007, the Seedbed of Talents program accompanies recipients for up to three years to provide them with the tools to research, prepare and apply for admission to postgraduate offers abroad. The participation of the institution, which has signed an agreement since 2018, aims to provide financial support to applicants from various departments of the country to take the language courses and exams required in applying to various universities abroad. This agreement already contains eight calls, with 372 applications received and payment for exams and language courses supported for 136 people, with an associated investment of $239,927,504 over four years.

“I thank the WWB Colombia Foundation and Colfuturo because the fact that they believe in education and what it generates in society allows so many of us to continue to believe in opportunity,” said Ludis Palacios, a recipient of Talent Seedbed.

In an ongoing dialogue between the WWB Foundation in Colombia and the persons receiving this funding, it was determined that the Colfuturo Talent Seedling Program provides essential support in technical and administrative application processes, such as accessing clear information about application requirements for programs abroad, generating a resume and writing cover letters. Likewise, the importance of obtaining this type of scholarship is highlighted, since knowledge of other languages ​​is an essential aspect of being admitted to programs abroad, and given its high economic cost, it is a barrier to applications.

The Foundation works to influence the reduction of inequality through its knowledge pillar. Through this pillar, it promotes the generation, dissemination and ownership of knowledge based on its own research and analysis and with allies such as universities, think tanks and third sector institutions.

“For us, education is a priority for social development in the country. However, many people are still unable to access quality education abroad due to the current language gap. In response to this need, through the agreement with Colfuturo, of the WWB Colombia Foundation, We bet with the Seedbed of Talents program that more and more students, graduates, and educators grow professionally through knowledge of a second language,” said Daniela Konitzko, president of WWB Columbia.

Those interested in participating can develop their postgraduate application requirements with this support from the WWB Colombia Foundation and PST Colfuturo. Those selected on this call will have access to payments for language courses or tests (GRE, TOEFL, IELTS or GMAT), as required by their process. Visit:

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