The US sports scholarship management company Global College USA has begun its international expansion through franchises

Global College USA is, to date and by the size of the Managed Sports Scholarships awarded, Europe’s largest in tennis scholarships and one of the largest in Europe in all sports. It has more than 800 scholarship athletes in the United States and more than 400 of them are tennis players.

The Spanish company Global College USA started its activity in 2015 in Spain, and during these years, it has grown significantly so far, as it is the company that manages most of the sports scholarships for tennis players in Spain and Europe and one of the largest in the world for this sport. By volume of sports scholarships administered and awarded, The Global College of the USA is located in Top 3 national companies It is among the top 5 at the European level.

To date, at Global College USA, they have helped more than 800 families obtain sports scholarships in the United States from more than 20 different countries. This year 2022, more than 300 athletes have been sent to the United States, being the main tennis sport, with more than half of that number in tennis players. Global College USA also works with other sports such as track and field, soccer, swimming, golf, basketball, and volleyball, among others. Send more than 100 athletes from other sports to the United States in 2022.

In the following years, Global College USA opens different growth fronts, both nationally and internationally:

patrioticAfter establishing itself in tennis as a reference in Spain, it seeks to grow in other sports in the same way. On his team, he has people who specialize in these sports, to become a benchmark in each of them.

internationally, Global College USA, after establishing itself in the Spanish market as one of the standards in sports scholarships in the United States, has decided to make the leap through franchises in other countries of the world. Every year, athletes from other countries contact us to ask for our help, as there is no company like Global College USA in their countries of residence. For this reason, we want to expand, looking for local entrepreneurs to train and support who can exploit the way we operate in their countries,” says Jorge Carretero, CEO of Global College USA.

During 2022 and 2023, Global College USA has set itself a starting goal Expand your brand through franchising format; To do this, she has carried out a consulting and expansion project with the specialist Consulta Franquicias, with more than 20 years of experience in this sector. Currently, Global College USA is in the process of validating applications for granting exploitation licenses in different countries. Currently, they have many styles and are in negotiations to open 2 Possible franchise in 2022. With its franchise model, Global College USA is ranked as one of the most profitable sports and education franchises on the market.

Thanks to this growth and internationalization, the Global College USA network will double, and it will have a stronger presence with all universities in the United States. We always maintain the quality and close treatment that distinguishes it from its competitors.

In addition, Global College USA annually organizes the “College Tennis Showcase”, an event in which Coaches from American universities come to Spain to watch the tennis players for themselves and to be able to offer tennis scholarships to those selected according to their athletic level.

It is the event of this mega tennis format in Europe, 130 tennis players and 330 US coaches registered for the last event of 2021. In 2021, it organized its first an offer Football in Spain and is considering organizing more events of this kind for other sports and countries.

Those interested in obtaining information to open a Global College USA franchise should contact us through E-mail or on their website.

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