The Unlikely Reason Paola Espinosa Lost Her Athletic Scholarship

Hector Alfonso Morales

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Paula Espinosa It is considered one of the greatest glories of national sports in history. Through the High Performance Sports Fund, Submarine received an annual scholarship of just over 1 million pesos for her athletic preparation. However, he lost it in this administration. It has been reduced to zero.

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“To Pula They took the grant from him before the selective Olympics Because he hasn’t signed the commitment letter since then Banned from running for membership in the Green Party because of its provisionsA source close to the National Committee for Physical Culture and Sports (CONADE) familiar with the matter noted.

According to the instructions in the Letter of Commitment Required by the Subordination, Responsible for Ana Gabriela Guevara, Athletes who benefit from the incentives must forgo any kind of political participationAlthough the constitution provides for the right of citizens to vote and vote.

“I’m so watchful The awarded amount will be adjusted based on the result (…]in accordance with the criteria for awarding scholarships and in accordance with the schedules specified in the operating rules for the financial year in effect on the date of the event, and published in the Official Gazette of the Federation. In addition, I agree to the following (…): Not to participate in the election or appointment processes For public office or civil service at all levels of government.

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Espinosa, double Olympic medalist (bronze and silver), She ran for Federal Deputy of the Green Environment Party of Mexico In the last midterm elections of 2021.

Under Conade’s Guidelines for Preserving Catalysts, Athletes do not have the right to freely express their opinions, whether in traditional media or on social networksAnother point the agency demands is to “refrain from making baseless statements against national sports institutions, coaches or athletes.”

During the preparation of these texts, various athletes were sought for their status, however, They refused to speak for fear of reprisals.

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