The University of Rio Negro has awarded a scholarship to a young man from Chubut to study. He Lived In A Truck – Mori Negro

In recent days, the story of the 19-year-old from Chubut, Facundo Mora, who arrived in Bariloche in March to be a physics teacher and who slept for a month in a truck to study at the National University of Rio Negro (UNN) has gone viral.). Before, that institution was immediately administering an emergency scholarship.

“In March of this year, Facundo and his father arrived in San Carlos de Bariloche (Rio Negro) in a truck where they had to sleep for a month, due to lack of resources, to fulfill his dream of studying at university, to become a physics teacher and to change his life and that of his family who are waiting for the news in his hometown,” Chubut explained to UNNN in a statement.

He added, “A week after arriving in the Andean city, Facundo entered the level of a professor of physics at the middle and higher level at the Andean headquarters of the National University of Rio Negro (Union), where after passing the entry course he was able to take the first five subjects of the degree.”

“Given the situation raised by the young man in the Student Life Department of the United Nations Headquarters in the Andes Before his story went viral, and in keeping with the Foundation’s approach in these cases, the United Nations immediately administered an emergency scholarshipwhich became effective by virtue of University Resolution 242/2022.”

“This is a one-time allocation of funds provided by the United Nations Relief and Rescue Network at the request of students who represent a pressing economic situation resulting from a socio-economic problem or family situation, emerging and approved, which jeopardizes the continuity of their studies,” according to what appears in the United Nations Scholarship Regulations. United. During 2021, the university awarded a total of 15 scholarships of this type.

“As in every situation in which students participate, the institutional approach has been comprehensive. Facundo too He received support from the direction of the profession, the school of production, technology and environment to which he belonged, which provided him with a home for temporary residence with his father, and from where they shared their CBU So you can receive donations.

Bearing in mind that the housing emergency affects the entire population, the Department of Student Life has contacted UNNN Andean Headquarters, Municipality of Bariloche, managing food units for both Facundo and his father.”

In turn, the university offered the student – who is currently receiving a Progresar scholarship for his secondary studies and applying to continue benefiting from university studies – opportunity to advance to United Nations Scholarship Program To access any of the benefits provided by the institution each year. During 2021, a total of 458 participants and students received UN scholarshipsAlthough data for this year is not yet available, it is estimated that the number will be higher.”

During 2021, 2,854 out of a total of 10,938 UN students received some support, or 26% of the student body.

In addition, UNNN runs through the Student Development Directorate in the Rector’s Office and Student Life Departments on each campus Various scholarships in cooperation with other institutions and organizationssuch as Progresar, Manuel Belgrano, YPF Foundation, and CILSA NGO Scholarships, among other financial aid bodies for students.

a) yes, During 2021, 2,854 out of a total of 10,938 UN students received some support, i.e. 26% of the number of students.

“Behind every number are life stories like Facundo, which UNNN is helping to change. No one is the same, that’s why Support devices become more specific Scholarships for Student Mothers/Fathers, Students of Southern Line, Disability, Indigenous, Transgender, Academic Merit, Sports, and Transition; Allowance for food and support for dual education – and it has been experienced that therapy with students is the most personalized within the possibilities of the institution.”

“The UN Network hopes that Facundo’s testimony will be widely shared Help more young people to believe that with effort and dedication they can realize their dreamsEvery day, working through different specific tools and a close link with each student to make it so.”

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