The university elections ended with the progress of the “purple sector” at the United Nations

About a week before the start of classes at UN colleges, elections for student centers and directors were held. This happened two years after the pandemic that led to the abandonment of thousands of students and chaos in the student movement due to the absence of student centers and the FUR linked to UN and conservation efforts.

That is why the elections showed significant political rearrangements that benefited the “purple ribbon”, as happened in La Plata and the UBA. This was in part due to the promise of better management and to take advantage of the disorganization of the student movement. Progress was on the behaviors associated with the government of the Todos Front, whether Peronism or FEU (ALDE-Patria Grande-Movimiento Evita), which was not an alternative because it had disappeared during the pandemic and by incorporating the Todos Front, they did not denounce policies of repression such as Guernica, accommodation and agreement with the IMF.

Despite the campaigns of a large student body that has been emptied of content, with the sole aim of running services at the university along with concealing the political sectors to which these groups respond, from Clave Roja, Pan y Rosas and Youth of PTS we have fought an important battle until it appears Left in the unit lists in the Faculties of Humanities, Arts, Politics, Psychology and Engineering. Based on the example of such trustees as the Secretary on Gender and Discord at the Student Center for the Humanities and the Arts, who in the case of the pandemic was an important sector reference. In this context, the left succeeded in preserving its space and bet on organizing students in the face of the sector’s progress and the reform policies.

In the humanities and arts, Peronism advanced in all its variants (Oktubre, associated with Perotti; Grabois’ Pampillon; and Mate Cocido, along with Amsafe’s Sonia Alesso, continued to lead the center). These sectors have sought to campaign in a “marginal way” to ensure the course, without saying anything that there are no classrooms, no conditions of course, no scholarships, and the fragility of teachers is growing, while the government allocates thousands of millions of dollars to the IMF. The Left Student Front (with an important contribution from PTS, together with PO, MST, Politica Obrera and Nuevo Mas) has won two safety deposits and has been able to maintain a student advisor, carrying out a major campaign for student centers and independent administrators. governments and authorities. This is a great move to keep women organized in the Gender Committee and Secretariat, and to struggle so that women mothers are not left out, against the anti-democratic policies of the authorities that dissolve everything behind the backs of students and teachers. At the same time, it is a kick to organize a force of students democratically in the face of the crisis, together with workers like Hey Latam, teachers and struggle sectors like the Magaldi population, the environmental movement and the feminist movement, to unite that force and confront the IMF-ordered amendment from below. .

Advance Margin

The Purple Strip won the leadership of the student centers of the Faculty of Political Science and International Relations run by the FEU (Alde, Pampillon, Movimiento Evita), the Faculty of Psychology with the Pulsión group, conducted by the FEU for 12 years and in law with the 1983 group, prevalent on the National Front. In addition, he served on the steering boards of several colleges. These results will allow it to position itself as the new leadership of the Consortium of Rosario Universities, recovering after a decade of setbacks in the student body.

Linked to rector Franco Bartolacci, who ran a university behind the backs of all students, teachers and in the service of companies, where the intergovernmental bodies of colleges did not work even throughout the pandemic, they imposed a service agenda in this election detailing the space in which they are merging with macrismo nationwide and with Those in Santa Fe, including the Socialist Party, seek to strengthen alliances for the territorial dispute in 2023 against Peronism.

The Socialist Party (MNR) has been in decline both at the provincial level and at the United Nations, going from running 6 student centers and a FUR in the past 6 years, to supporting only 2 in these elections, engineering in a highly contested and biochemical election.

Setback groups associated with everyone’s front.

Another phenomenon that was expressed in these elections was the setback (with few exceptions) of the political forces associated with the government of the Todos Front. This is the case of the Fatherland Front in Law, the Student Unity Front (Ald, Pampione, Evita), all in the hands of groups of purple ribbon.

The association of these organizations with the government had its results, on the one hand for two years they did not question one of these policies, leaving behind the fact that thousands of students saw their lives become precarious and were precarious. Expulsion from colleges.

The exception was Mate Cocido in the Humanities and Arts, he retained student center leadership with 50% of what is normally voted on and would be the only Kirchnerism at the UN, at a very low result of participation for a faculty still under construction three years after the pandemic , and where the management of La Franja Morada and Peronism did not guarantee a return to face-to-face confrontation in full functions such as the arts.

PCR-Alde also won leadership of the Architecture Student Center, taking the lead on the MNR space and maintaining the Medical Student Center with a setback on the Board of Directors by Impulse (Franja Morada), while retaining 5 members of the Board of Directors. Of the 8 she previously had. Also served alongside the Evita movement on the College of Engineering’s Board of Directors.

Right and commitment to stand the student movement in the face of the crisis.

The Left Student Front in the Humanities retained the two secretaries and their director in 2019. The left was the only one carrying out a campaign that talks about reality, what happened to us in the pandemic and what happened to us. We the students, among all the efforts to organize those who were left without being able to study because they didn’t have the equipment or had to work more hours in the precarious jobs that companies provide us. For our future, wetlands, girls’ rights and conquering public spaces to enjoy art, culture and theoretical debate.
From En Clave Roja and Pan y Rosas, we are committed to preparing ourselves for what is to come, to the organization from below the students to create a force of young people who join the workers and all those who struggle to struggle against the future of misery that wants the IMF and the government in collusion with the authorities imposed on us. Always on the same side, how we showed up in Congress with Nico del Canio and Miriam Bergman and in Santa Fe with Octavio Crivaro and Irene Gamboa.
We will not give up and we call on all students to continue this fight with us to stand up to the student movement in the face of the crisis throughout the year.

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