The University Culture Foundation and IMPO awarded 50 scholarships to students to access free books

These are the major works for the academic and professional development of students, books by eminent Uruguayan authors.

According to Fernando Abella, Director of IMPO, the intent of this proposal is to continue to incorporate new tools for accessing normative information, in this case to students.

“Students who have benefited from the scholarship system offered by the University Culture Foundation will have access to more than 120 titles owned by our library at From there they will be able to download them completely for free,” he explained.

He said that from his experience, he knows the importance of these texts to students and how difficult it is to access them at times for an economic cause.

In this sense, he explained that for IMPO “it is a great honor to contribute to this activity with the Foundation”.

He added: “In order to publish and know the regulations, it is necessary to provide real access tools, in this framework this action arises, in the context of something that seems necessary to us, the work between institutions.”

For her part, Annalia Silva, Secretary of Culture at the Law Student Center, described this initiative as “very important” for the students.

“We highlight this measure because access to study materials is essential for courses and effective continuation of an academic career. This work is of high value and we will continue to promote other lines that also favor access to materials,” he said.

Meanwhile, Federico Villar, Board Member of the Foundation for University Culture, explained that the Foundation has always, since its inception, the mission of facilitating access to study materials for all students law schoolas well as for graduates who work in these subjects.

“For us, these kinds of tools that enhance access to study materials for all students are very important,” Villar said.

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