The security operation of the OAS assembly in Medellin is ready – Medellin – Colombia

More than 900 police have arrived to reinforce the security operation to be conducted by the General Assembly of the Organization of American States, which will take place from Wednesday, June 26 and will continue until Friday, June 28.With these, there will be a total of 1,200 uniformed personnel who will be responsible for protecting 1,600 participants (640 foreigners and 960 citizens) in the event, which the capital of Antioquia is hosting again 11 years later.

Andres Felipe Topone, Minister of Security of Medellin, noted that among the men in uniform, who will arrive from different regions of the country, experts in tourism, anti-explosives, carabineros, special forces and air forces stand out.

In addition, Tobon explained that in the Plaza Mayor sector, where the summit is held, only those who have the rose of the event will be able to travel.. He also warned that mobility will not be modified so as not to affect the movement of citizens.

The official stressed that since the arrival of uniformed officers from other parts of the country, security in other areas of the city is not compromised: “We will have an appointment that complies with all security measures, but most importantly, an event that does not affect the devices and the proliferation that the authorities have Already in different areas of Medellin.”

Reinforcements arrived without compromising the security or control of the city’s neighborhoods

The mayor of Medellin, Federico Gutierrez, said the city is fully prepared for the start of the summit.

The president said that all the delegations of the countries present are already in the city. “The security apparatus is guaranteed not only to the members of the OAS but also to the citizens. The reinforcements have arrived without compromising the security of neighborhoods or their surveillance,” the local chief said.

Gutierrez also emphasized that the OAS General Assembly brings economic benefits to the city. According to figures released by his office, hotel occupancy will reach 75 percent this week.


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