The school day will be extended

Satisfied, they left after meeting with Undersecretary of the Ministry of Education, Nicholas CataldoThe Teachers College in the Capital Region and community representatives MlibellaAnd Sesame s Recoleta.

One of the points to be discussed was to extend the scope of Flexible validity of the school daywhich, according to the chief RM College, Mario AguilarIt will be extended “The Undersecretary told us that the flexibility of the school day will be extended, which seems favorable to us, not only because of the health problem, but also thinking about the students and their slow return to school life.”

The DCU leader explained the other general points discussed, such as violence and school coexistence, the scholarship for a career as a teacher, which is very restrictive, and the retirement bonus.

The guild leader confirmed that specific cases were also seen, such as Sesame and Millibella, a municipality that records a decrease in the enrollment of so-called priority students. “There is a very suspicious math equation left by the previous administration, which translates into serious damage to schools and a drop in teachers’ salaries,” he said.

For their part, hill hill teachers suffer from a millionaire pension and health debts from the municipality, preventing many teachers from being retired and a lack of care in health centers.

Finally, put Political prisoners of the revolutionof the cases involving students who suffer a violation of their right to education, “other than the bills that demand amnesty for them, at the moment there are students who are under house arrest and do not have the right to their education, they lost even their scholarships to be able to study. Mario Aguilar said:” It seems totally unfair to us, because everyone has the right to education.”

for him President of the Teachers College Mario AguilarIn general, we had a good reception, “and the Undersecretary promised to respond to the various issues raised, and we hope that it will be with the required speed, because there are serious and urgent issues.”

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