The scholar enhances his mobile interest in students to manage their scholarship

The scholar enhances his mobile interest in students to manage their scholarship

Parana, April 12 (APFDigital)

– Villa Mantero and Aldea Salto were the first cities visited by the traveling researcher team this week • The tour will continue via Chajari, La Paz, Pasavielpaso, Oro Verde and Las Cuevas • The goal is to facilitate enrollment of high school students in regional scholarships offered by the organization

The Scholarship Institute visits various locations with its team from the Scholarships District to bring the service closer to students and ensure their enrollment in secondary scholarships. To simplify the process, the online system through which orders are placed operates 24 hours a day.

The mobile scientific researcher team was on Monday in Villa Mantero, Province of Uruguay; and in Aldea Salto, Province of Diamante. Students and family members were able to approach to ask questions, clarify doubts and administer the 2022 scholarships, whether new or renewable.

“Our goal is to reach more students of Entre Ríos, because more scholarships means more opportunities. We have an active agenda, as our teams from the scholarship area reach different locations and implement the secondary scholarship application process,” said Sebastian Bertoli, CEO of the Institute. At the same time, the regional official stated that it was necessary for those interested in managing their benefits to agree with all the documents required to speed up service in the territory.

Continuing the wandering interest, the team on Tuesday 12th of this month visits Chagare and La Paz in the morning, and Pasavilapaso in the morning and part of the afternoon. Similarly, on Wednesday the 13th, the organization will travel to Oro Verde in the morning and to Las Cuevas in the afternoon.

Currently, Scholar provides support to more than 40,000 students of all educational levels, through scholarships and various services. The independent entity has programs such as Educando en Movimiento, career guidance, Puente al Trabajo, on-stage scholarship and services such as scholarship offers and scholarship marathon.

• The following curriculum schedule

Tuesday 12: Jajari, Union Division, at Justo José de Urquiza High School No. 4, 8-12; City of La Paz, at High School Nº9 Domingo Faustino Sarmiento, from 9 to 12:30; Basavilbaso, Province of Uruguay, at Technical School No. 79 JB Zubiaur, from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Wednesday 13: Oro Verde, Paraná District, in Quincho Municipal Sports Centre, from 9 to 13; Las Cuevas, Diamante County, in the Community Hall, 4:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m.

• Registration requirements


The documents required to renew the scholarship are as follows:

Proof of regular student or enrollment in academic year 2022 and report card for 2021 signed by the institution’s authority (both sides, will be valid with concept notes).

For the collecting holder, the current owner will remain, even when the applicant is over 18 years old. In the event of a change of owner, the modification application note, DNI card on both sides and proof of CUIL of the new owner, always of legal age, must be attached.

new grants

In the case of administration of new grants, the required documents are as follows:

DNI card on both sides of the applicant; CUIL certificate of the applicant; Proof of a regular student or enrollment in the 2022 academic year; And a 2021 report card signed by the authority of the institution (from both sides, it will be valid with concept notes).

Also proof of income from parents or guardians, as applicable. If they are formal workers, the last two salary receipts; For retirees, the last retirement receipt; And with the Universal Child Allowance or other social plans, the last bank transaction ticket dated 2022 or a copy of the card (the raffle ticket will not be considered valid).

In the case of informal workers or changeover, an oath is required to be taken at the nearest police station. You must specify the activity you do and its approximate monthly income; For the unemployed, a copy of the updated negative Anses certificate must be submitted.

In the event that you are monotributistas, proof of the AFIP option is required, where the category appears.

Those under the age of 18 must register the holder to collect the grant if they are beneficiaries. To do this, they must attach: a DNI card for both sides of the responsible person and proof of CUIL, as well as the responsible person.

• general attention

Attention to the public is open, virtually via chat and in person at the agency’s headquarters, located at San Martín 458, Paraná, and in delegates distributed in each of the province’s departments. The addresses of each of them can be found on the Institute’s website: (APFDigital)

Publication date: 04/12/2022 11:34

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