The results of the Socio-Economic Assessment of Itaipu Scholarships applicants will be published on Tuesday

Asunción, IP Agency.- Itaipu Binational, through the Scholarships Unit, has been informed that today, Tuesday, April 12th at 7:00 PM, the final results of the Socio-Economic Assessment of Undergraduate Scholarship Applicants will be published in the 2022 Call on the institutional website.

Meanwhile, on Monday, April 18, the final list of scholarship holders selected in the process will be available.

Within the framework of inter-institutional cooperation, the National Institute of Statistics (INE), through qualified professionals, assessed the socio-economic status of a total of 2,688 candidates who passed the basic skills examination, including 40 persons with disabilities and 47 members of indigenous communities.

The Social Responsibility Adviser in Itaipu, Daniel Ramirez, explained that the final list of the social and economic assessment stage will include applicants who have passed this stage and those who have not remained in it, with the reason given in each case.

He also reported that those young people who consider it appropriate can request a review of the socio-economic assessment until Wednesday, April 13; Consultation reception will close at 23:59 PM. For this purpose, students must fill out the form found on the Itaipu website, in the Scholarships section.

“Teams across all institutions participating in this call are working to join forces in a coordinated manner, in order to allocate in a fair and equitable manner the scholarships available to young Paraguayans with excellent academic records, with priority given to those from low-income families,” Ramirez emphasized.

It should be noted that this is the first time that the National Institute of Statistics has been responsible for this stage of the selection process for the award of university scholarships by a binational.

Field work began on March 21 and continued until April 10. The aim of this assessment, which covered different parts of the country, was to obtain clear and accurate information about the socio-economic status of applicants still in the race.

The data collected, along with the approval of the test of basic skills and the academic background submitted for registration, are the criteria taken into account for the correct assignment of the undergraduate scholarship.

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