The results of the Socio-Economic Assessment/La Nación have been revealed to applicants for the 2022 Itaipu Scholarships

Itaipu has announced the final results of the socio-economic assessment of applicants for undergraduate scholarships offered this year by the Binational. The final list of fellows is expected next week.

This afternoon the Itaipu Scholarship Unit published the list of results of socio-economic assessments conducted weeks ago. The information mentioned is published on the website, in the “Scholarship Program” section on the left side of the website.

It should be remembered that specialists from the National Institute of Statistics (INE) made visits to 2,688 applicants for the Itaipu Scholarship 2022 who passed the basic skills test, including 40 people with disabilities and 47 members of indigenous communities.

The aim of this assessment, which covered different parts of the country and ended on April 10, was to obtain clear and accurate information about the socio-economic profile of applicants still in the race.

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Daniel Ramirez Brizuela, Social Responsibility Adviser at Itaipu, explained that the final list of the socio-economic assessment stage will include applicants who have passed this stage and those who do not remain in it, with the reason given in each case.

Young people who consider it appropriate can request a review of the socio-economic assessment until Wednesday, April 13, by completing the form available on the same website. Consultation reception will close at 23:59 PM.

Next Monday, April 18, the final list of scholarship recipients selected in the process is scheduled to be published by Itaipu Binational.

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