The province has opened registration for the 2022 Provincial Scholarship Program

>> Indigenous grants, Economic benefit to students belonging to different societies and aims to ensure educational inclusion, recognition, integration and educational attainment.

>> Socio-educational scholarships Economic assistance to low-income students with a central objective of achieving just and timely education.

>> Malvinas Children’s Veterans Scholarships, Under Law No. 12867.

Registration places and requirements

Enrollment takes place at the school where the applicant attends and the requirements are:

>> Be a regular student at a secondary level institution and/or private schools in Santa Fe County.

>> Belonging to a family group based in the county, whose economic income places it below the poverty line. (For reference, we know that according to data provided by INDEC, the total basic food basket (CBT) for a typical family of four is $78,624.)

>> Not enjoying another scholarship or similar financial aid regardless of the awarding body.

Scholarships offered in 2021

In 2021, 47,352 scholarships were awarded, distributed as follows:

>> Resolution 1084/21 (First Party)

945 Indigenous Scholarship

25654 social and educational grant

11 Scholarships for Daughters of Malvinas War Veterans

>> Resolution 1765/21 (Second Grant)

16994 Socio-educational grant.

>> Resolution 822/21 (first contact)

3521 Scholarships for contact

>> Resolution 1386/21 (second contact)

227 Call Scholarships

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