The President of the Permanent Council of the Organization of American States expresses his confidence in the return of the organization of a democratic Cuba

“You should be ashamed to use that word. Yes, he is a dictator but for all the people of Cuba,” declared world champion Cuban boxer Jordenes Ogas, in response to Cuban dictator Miguel Diaz-Canel’s wife, who tweeted: “Nice he is! Moreover , From inside and outside: dictator of my heart“.

Diario de Cuba reported on the front page: Isn’t Cuesta Peraza making fun of Cubans, is she a victim of hacking or the new meme star?

“On suspicion, several users have verified that it is not a parody account. Incredibly, everything seems to indicate that it is a Cuesta Peraza account and that, in fact, he would have called Díaz-Canel a dictator,” the digital newspaper identified.

Ojas, a Cuban and world boxing phenomenon silenced by the Cuban government press, explained to Díaz-Canel’s wife how Cuba’s authoritarian regime works: her husband has been hand-picked with the finger of yet another, even more flawed, dictator.

The boxer, who lives in Nevada and fights with SOS Cuba in his clothes and with Patria y Vida music in the background, took this opportunity to make a proposal to Cuesta: Tell the dictator of your heart to free political prisoners and comfort hundreds of mothers and wives.

There were also other reactions to the communist ruler’s wife’s statement. “And which has 11.2 million other people, ma’am.”Cuban thinker Abraham Jimenez Inoa, co-founder of the digital medium El Estornudo, explained succinctly.

Currently living in Spain, Jiménez Inoa said that for the first time in his life he feels like a person, because he does not face a shortage of freedoms or basic goods.

“They have little left in power. Enjoy your palace and the money from corruption because you will see yourself with one hand behind and the other in front,” tweeted Pedro Ramirez, according to Cubanet.

Meanwhile, Erica Guevara Rosas, Amnesty International’s Latin America director, repeated Cuesta’s tweet with an emoji meaning surprise.

Liz Cuesta began writing on Twitter on March 31 with this message: “Hello from here also to everyone and for Cuba! #VamosConTodo.” Moments later, he started receiving reactions, some negative. CubaLiborio replied, along with the hashtag #SOSCuba, “Are you willing to ban anyone coming to comment on your tweets, with the pretext of rejecting the system?”

“Another does not work or do anything useful to the nation! Another is paid for free internet access by the sweat of the hungry! Ahhhh and #SOSCuba that in Cuba there is nothing to celebrate, as long as there are political prisoners for thinking differently!” Another user commented.

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