The Pampa Energía Foundation honored outstanding teams at the second edition of Proyecto Joven

In the presence of Marcelo Mendelín, President of Pampa Energy and its Foundation, Pablo Diaz, Director, and Diego Golombic, Scientific Interlocutor, An award for three innovative and triple-impact projects created by interdisciplinary teams of university studentswhich belongs to the provinces of Buenos Aires and Neuquén.

The main objective of Proyecto Joven is to promote entrepreneurship in young people and to develop skills and competencies to generate solutions to economic, social and/or environmental problems. Born in 2020 with the name An Experience Designed for Undergraduate Escort Program Studentsand, during 2021, it was expanded to the whole country, focusing on public universities in the regions where Pampa Energía operates, reaching more than 400 participants.

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The initiatives presented had to focus on one of the four priority themes: energy, technological innovation, human development, and sustainability. 48 projects were submitted and implemented by 133 participants (19 scholarship holders of the Foundation), 15 were finalists, 3 projects were finally selected:

  • cystic fibrosis: Students from the National University of the South (Bahia Blanca) have thought of a solution to improve quality of life and reach those suffering from this disease by developing a prototype for an inhalable antibiotic.
  • Hydroplus: A safe, biodegradable, non-toxic granular powder that moisturizes and nourishes plants created by students at Universidad del Comahue (Neuquén). Upon contact with water, it expands and is able to absorb up to 200 times its weight in water.
  • DIGMA: UBA students designed a recovered plastic wrapping machine, aimed at reducing the impact of single-use plastics, reintroducing them into the production cycle and transforming them into plastic fabrics with multiple possibilities for use.

Awards and thanks

Marcelo Mendelin, who presented one of the awards, He congratulated the young entrepreneurs and thanked them for the important work they did in Proyecto Joven.

At various stages of the call, participants gained access to coaching, digital capsules, accompaniment and mentoring, through a methodology that promotes the integration of social and emotional skills and tools to advance ideas.

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