The original PRI returns, more pessimistically, in a simulation of 2024

power and money

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Trust should give us peace. Good will is not enough, it is necessary to show it, because men always see, rarely think.

Simon Bolivar (1783-1830) was a Venezuelan military and politician.

Victor Sanchez Banos

Yesterday the Mass of Vulgar Socialism was formed in Latin America. Without complying with the law, López Obrador relocated all his employees (serving him and not the nation), to achieve a consultation on the abolition of the Mandate “which has no binding purpose and whatever the outcome, it is simply a collective call: whoever wants to go.

But this topic has already been discussed a lot. AMLO’s interest was not to win the consultation, as there was a decision by the president’s opponents: not to vote and they did. The vast majority of those present, from very early on, were elderly people.

Outside the booth at an elementary school in the Ciudad Satélite, there were two young men who did not stop talking that if they voted to revoke Lopez Obrador’s mandate, they would take their pensions from the elderly. Sure, they were afraid.

In recent weeks, in the slums of the country, battalions of “servants of the nation,” as well as officials from the Mexico City mayor’s offices, have lobbied to go vote. They all threatened to end scholarships for children, as well as pensions for the elderly. In the past 3 weeks at least, they have visited homes twice every 8 days. The insistence was harsh.

This electoral process, which has no binding action to revoke the President’s mandate, regardless of the fact that the result was in favor of Lopez Obrador, this time by a majority. It was a simple choice and query, leave out the following:

1. – As expected, the attack on the INI was immediate. It was known that if AMLO lost, it would be a “judgment fraud”; And if a few people too. He wants to change the empire and buys a servant from his government. Both electoral advisors and judges. Everyone has their way to do and undo as they please during 2024 presidential.

2.- This is how the electoral apparatus of the fourth shift was trained, with positive results for the leader of Morena, Mario Delgado. There will be background information for the 2024 elections. This database contains the districts that have been voted against and it will be necessary to increase cash gifts; Where there are strengths, it will not be necessary to concentrate, they will only give “maintenance” to the community. In electoral matters, using special algorithms, social classes, voters’ location and preferences, and percentages of negatives and opponents will be shown. It was a query that returns “crushed gold”.

3.- As if that were not enough, the president’s ego will also be exploited for the elections of 2024. The percentage with which he has secured his stay in power will be used to lend credibility to the presidential election, especially to reinforce the idea that the candidate or candidate he chooses to succeed him arrives with “legitimacy”.

4.- The withdrawal of bureaucrats, old people, ninety and other beneficiaries of government programs was frightening and despicable. They paid carriers and taxi drivers. All for the sake of electoral simulation.

5.- AMLO has set his eyes on 2024. Not this year. Neither in the six-state elections in 2022, nor in the second next year. Of course, he is interested in winning, but for him his life and soul are in power and money for the next six years.

6.- The millions that Morena, the Federal Government, as well as State and Municipal Governments have spent on icing on the cake, are countless! Perhaps there is money for childhood vaccines that López Gatell refuses to apply or medicines to children with cancer.

7.- For the expenses of this consultation, with the money of the Elders, as well as the systematic violation of the law, will you lead the National Electoral Institute and the political parties to imprison the public officials collected with our resources, as if they had won, to the electorate for glossing over this “goose inquiry”?

Mighty Knights

Quintana Roo, campaigns

The arrest of Fidel Espino Varela, the operational leader of the Mara Lizama campaign and Bonneville’s delegate in the mayor’s government on leave, is a very sensitive event, affecting the campaign of Morena’s candidate. If the opposition, from the PAN, PRD and Trust, Laura Fernandez takes the opportunity to question Mara’s government in Cancun. These facts, Laura said, are the tip of the iceberg of impunity that Cancun has “ruled”.

CSR: Iberdola

Iberdrola Mexico Opens Call for Impulso STEM Scholarships in Engineering: Iberdrola México has opened the third call for scholarships for young people interested in studying some form of engineering at the Technological University of the Central Valleys of Oaxaca, as part of the Impulso STEM project developed in partnership with this university and the UNAM Renewable Energy Institute.

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