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The Organization of American States submitted a report on the implementation of the Peace Agreement – JEP Colombia – Justice

Deepening social inequality at the expense of COVID-19continuing threats against social leaders and ex-combatants, and progress in the implementation of the Regionally Approached Development Plans (PDET) and in the Judiciary Special for Peace (JEP), the Truth Commission, and the Tracing Unit for Missing Persons (UBPD).

These are some of the points highlighted by the thirtieth report submitted by the Secretary-General of the Arab Republic of Egypt Organization of American States (OAS), Louis Almagro, In the Peace Process Support Mission (Mapp OAS).

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The document, which analyzed the results obtained between July 1 and December 31, 2020, highlights the continued confrontations between illegal armed groups for control of illegal territories and economies during this period.

“These conflicts have serious implications for the civilian population, such as the occurrence of Murders, threats, forced displacement, closures, forced recruitment, gender-based violence and pollution of the territory containing antipersonnel mines, among other things, the organization says.

These include threats to leaders and defenders of the peace agreement, killings and assaults against indigenous communities and the authorities, and the risks of ex-FARC rebels in the reintegration process, particularly in the provinces of Choco, Guaviare, Meta and Putumayo.

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On the other hand, the analysis deals with the impact of the epidemic on the implementation of what was agreed in Havana between the national government and the disappeared FARC fighters.

Among the effects of the Corona virus, the entity says, is the closing of borders with neighboring countries, which has increased the use of unauthorized border crossings controlled by illegal armed groups, endangering border communities.

The international organization confirmed that these structures, due to the closure of educational centers and Limited state presence In some areas, they continued to recruit children and adolescents into their ranks, while in areas where voluntary substitutions of illegal crops were taking place, they pressured peasants to replant coca plants.

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In just 72 hours, five former FARC fighters were killed.

For the OAS, another impact derived from the health emergency has been access to justice, particularly in rural areas, where communication difficulties prevent virtual service delivery.

However, the organization emphasized that “four years after the signing of the final agreement, notable advances were noted in the institutional structure.” The comprehensive system of truth, justice, reparation and non-repetition.

Among them, more than 335 reports from victims’ organizations and the state have been received by the Equality Party JEP, the consolidation of 16 regional search plans by the UBPD to find people who have disappeared in the conflict, and the steps taken by the truth commission given the construction of its final report, which is expected to include work Major violence that occurred in the country and formulate recommendations so that the conflict does not recur.

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Two main elements in this regard are Reparations to victims and restoration of territory, Which the state committed to under Law No. 1448 of 2011, which in 2021 turned into a contract and was extended for another 10 years, a decision that the entity celebrated.

The OAS also highlighted the implementation of PDETs. “We highlight advances in strategic and progressive planning, as well as constitutional reform, in the general system of royalties that allows for the advancement of resources and serves as a financial security” for these programmes, the document reads.

Similarly, the organization recognized the strengthening of the Gender Protocol for the implementation and monitoring of Comprehensive National Illicit Crop Replacement Program (PNIS), Meanwhile, he celebrated the approval of gender equality in Congress and asserted that “the advancement of women’s political rights is an imperative for full peace.”

The report of the Secretary-General of the Organization of American States also referred to dialogue, participation and social conflict. In this regard, it acknowledged the efforts made to revitalize the Regional Councils for Peace, Reconciliation and Coexistence, which have advanced in areas such as Kaketa, Choco and Catatumbo. He also highlighted that the National Peace Council had drawn up an action plan to develop a general policy for reconciliation in the country.

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But the entity reiterated that violence against social leaders “demotivates and has a negative impact” on their participation, because these people “show their fear at the time they are called to participate because of the risks involved in this democratic practice.”

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