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The Secretary-General of the Organization of American States (OAS), Luis Almagro, stated that the regional entity is analyzing the implementation of a continental plan for equitable access to vaccines against COVID-19.

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Almagro stressed in a press conference in the framework of the 51st session of the General Assembly of the Organization of American States that the regional vaccination plan ‘It is absolutely necessary’ to continue to eliminate pandemic in America.

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“Today, on two occasions, we have proposed that we launch a regional plan for equitable access to vaccinesThe Uruguayan diplomat confirmed, referring to a dialogue with high-ranking officials in the region.

Almagro’s vision was supported by the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Guatemala, Pedro Prulo, as the organizing country for the 51st session of the General Assembly of the territorial entity, which is convened almost due to the pandemic with Guatemala as a host.

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“It is important to make a joint call for equitable and universal access to vaccines, not hoarding, in a humane spirit of global solidarity, and with a genuine desire to leave no one behind.”Brolo said.

Guatemala has one of the worst vaccination rates on the continent, according to the records of international organizations. According to official figures, only 3.4 million people out of 16.3 million people living in the Central American country have received the full program (two doses) of vaccination.

Almagro and Brolo’s words were taped on Wednesday at a virtual and joint press conference ahead of the General Assembly of the Organization of American States, with Nicaragua being the main focus due to the re-election of President Daniel Ortega last Sunday, in some controversial elections.

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The delegations of the countries that make up the main discussion forum for the American continent gathered for almost the second year in a row for the meeting that began on Wednesday and continues until Friday, under the slogan “For a Renewed America”.

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