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The National Strike: The Alliance of Hope met with the Organization of American States

Members of the Hope Alliance met Monday with OAS Secretary General Louis Almagroto publish his view on the situation in the country, within the framework of the national strike that began on April 28.

At the meeting that took place approx. Humberto de la Calle, Juan Fernando Cristo, Sergio Fajardo, Juan Manuel Galán and Jorge Enrique Robledo all participated. As spokespersons for the political movement.

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The members of the coalition confirmed that they informed Almagro that the current situation in the country “This is due to the very regressive tax reform attempted by the government of President Ivan Duque and the massive social suffering which are expressed, among other painful realities, in intolerable levels of unemployment, poverty and misery.”

“The great strength of these allegations (…) is also due to the outrage caused by the many deaths caused by the shooting by members of The public force and that it tolerated civilians by shooting at unarmed crowds, especially young people, violating human rights, The movement revealed, through a statement, the international covenants signed by Colombia, the constitution and the laws of the republic.”

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Spokesmen for the Hope Alliance also expressed their satisfaction during the meeting.To visit the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (IACHR) We believe that it is legitimate and legal for Colombians to exercise their democratic right to protest and petition governments.”

However, they warn that these “The allegations must not use violence against anyone, destroy public or private property, or impair economic relations and social interactions among citizens.

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