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In 2020, student mobility has been affected by the progress of the pandemic in the world. However, the entities that offer scholarships in the country indicate that there is still interest in international studies.

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“To our surprise, most of the students we interviewed abroad and surveyed to see if they wanted to return, preferred to stay abroad,” said Jeronimo Castro, Director of Colfuturo.

And although last year’s invitation to this entity does not fully reflect the outcome of the pandemic, given that the closing date was at the end of February, 3,400 applications were received, of which 1,300 were accepted. Although it is worth noting that the formations have fallen and so far they are in 370.

Engineering (370) was the area with the most applications, followed by the social sciences (148) and management (129).

Bogotá participated in 54 percent of those nationally, while Class 4 and 3 (57 percent) had the largest number of scholarships. In total, the financial support for the entity exceeded 55 million dollars.

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In the case of the Carolina Foundation, which provides assistance annually for postgraduate studies in Spain, the 2020-2021 invitation has offered 802 scholarships.

There, out of 22 countries, Colombia was the country with the highest number of applicants (15,247), well above the second place was Argentina, with 3,551 applicants.

“Colombia’s participation was relevant, and it has been awarded more than 130 scholarships. The entity confirmed that of the total number of beneficiaries this year, 60 percent are women and more than 70 percent come from cities other than Bogota.

In the 2021 version, there are 504 places, which is a number lower than in 2020, although 130 renewals should be added to these places. In addition, the Foundation hopes that Colombians will continue to participate.

For its part, the British Council (BC) reported that despite not developing a massive grant program in 2020, “the organization has achieved continuity in generating opportunities on other fronts”.

In the field of education, for example, the Coding For Kids program was developed in cooperation with the Ministry of Information and Communications Technology, in which 8,500 teachers were trained.

The administration of the IELTS award, an award given to people who took this test with BC, began in 2019 and was conducted in 2020. 274 applications were received, there were 10 winners and the investment amounted to 155 million pesos.But although the concept of entities is favorable, the director of Colfuturo warns that one of the difficulties in 2021 will be the devaluation of the peso, which raises the cost of studying abroad.

Those who arrive in the country

Despite the fact that the number of foreigners who come to study in Colombia has also decreased, Luis Fernando Alvarez, Vice-Chancellor of the Extension University of Yu Javeriana, confirmed.

In 2020, the number of international students here was 145, while in 2019 there were 265 students from countries such as Mexico, Spain, Peru or Germany.

For its part, Externado had 83 foreign students last year and 219 the year before this year. In 2021, there were already 30 incoming students, and it is expected to reach 80.

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