The Ministry of Culture will fund the projects of young artists so that they can apply

This Thursday, April 7, the Ministry of Culture launched the second call for the Jovenes en Movimiento programme. This project seeks to support the cultural work of groups composed of young people between the ages of 18 and 28 with public resources.

The national government will allocate 10,000 million pesos to fund projects related to music, dance and literature, among other artistic manifestations. The call will be open until May 11.

To participate, those interested must register their groups on the website set up by the ministry, They will also have to upload a video to the social networks YouTube or Vimeo in which they tell about what the project is, the activities they do, the audience for the project, among other things.

On the other hand, among some of the requirements that must be met to apply for the project, it should be noted that the members of the group are registered on the Soy Cultura platform of the Ministry of Culture. It was also known that the budget allocated to groups will depend on the number of members, since it will be possible to obtain an amount ranging from $ 5,000,000 to $ 20,000,000.

Scholarships for Colombians to study at Harvard University and other international universities

The Colombian Ministry of Information and Communications Technology (MinTIC) has announced that registration has been open since April 5 for those wishing to obtain scholarships at recognized international universities.

Currently, there is a strong demand for employment for professionals in occupations related to new technologies, for which the government has had $24,000 million investment in education for Colombians interested in studying master’s degrees that primarily relate to:

  • cyber security
  • Artificial intelligence
  • blockchain
  • smart cities
  • machine learning
  • Internet of Things (IoT)
  • cloud computing
  • augmented reality
  • Robotics
  • 3D and 4D printing
  • Nano technology
  • Quantitative Statistics
  • cobots
  • Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality
  • data science
  • Regulatory Framework for Information and Communication Technologies
  • evolution software and computer applications

Those interested should go to the official Icetex page and create a user to proceed with the process. Next to, It should be borne in mind that as the scholarships are for foreign countries, the price should be a maximum of $78,000.

You should also keep in mind that they are universities located in Academic Ranking of World Universities (Shanghai ranking) or Classification CWTS Leiden 2021among other things.

to sign up:

  • Read the call operating terms and regulations published at:
  • Enrollment in a diploma at the university
  • Pay to study Cifin.
  • Fill out the credit application form on the page, upload support
  • Once this is done, you should pay attention to the outcome of the call.

The The deadline to register is until May 25th. On the other hand, MinTIC indicated that up to 90% of the Masters tuition fee value will be funded.

What requirements must be met?

  • Be a Colombian citizen.
  • He holds a university degree and a scientific degree.
  • To be accepted into the Cifin credit history study, at the time of registration no more than 90 days for the applicant and his joint and several debtors. No negative rating is reported on any financial risk position.
  • You have your own email account.
  • Registration through the means indicated in the call.
  • The applicant must have proof of final acceptance with an issue date of no more than 180 days, unconditional.

Scholarships for postgraduate studies in Spain

On the other hand, until Thursday 7 April, the call is open for Colombian professionals to apply for the Master’s scholarships offered by the University of Salamanca, in Spain, through Icetex.

The aim of this program is to study Between September 2022 and July 2023is to provide the opportunity for Colombian citizens to undertake master’s studies in the various fields offered by the university.

These scholarships cover 100% of the tuition fee For those who are selected by the institution. For these scholarships, selected Colombians will be able to carry out their studies in person, blended or virtual, depending on the program to be chosen.

Due to the fact that the call covers full tuition costs, for people who travel to Spain to study on site, the scholarship offers payment of tuition fees and medical insurance during the program.

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