The Minister of Foreign Affairs confirms that negotiations continue to stumble with unacceptable proposals

On Monday, the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Euclid Acevedo, said that negotiations with Brazil over the Itaipu Penacional hydroelectric power plant have reached a dead end because the neighboring country is demanding a reduction in the rate of energy, as well as a review of the agreement between the National Administration. Electricidad (Ande) and the Brazilian energy group Centrais Elétricas Brasileiras SA (Eletrobrás).

“It has been blocked because the proposals that the Brazilians have made to us so far are not acceptable,” the foreign minister said upon his departure from Palacio de Lopez. “They not only want to lower the price, but at the same time they want to review Andy’s agreement with Eletrobrás and this is absolutely unacceptable. La Andy must defend its interests and should be solely responsible for managing the energy that corresponds to Paraguay.”

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“Here we have to protect the Andes. Whoever wants to privatize the Andes refrain (…). There are rough river fishermen looking to take advantage. We must protect the Andes and continue investing in transportation networks, we must ask the industrialists to agree with the state and we have a plan for infrastructure So that the energy produced can be used, because the energy produced that corresponds to us must be used,” he added.

The diplomatic chief expressed himself in these terms in reference to the negotiations between Paraguay and Brazil on the Itaipu Binational. On the other hand, the neighboring country insists on lowering the rate, while ours remains resolute in maintaining the rate of US$22.60/mo in order to reach comfortably and without tension when reviewing Annex C of the Hydropower Treaty in 2023.

On the other hand, the head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs referred to about 3,000 Brazilian investors who have real estate in Paraguay and called on some sectors to stop the expansion of these foreigners.

“This is a very sensitive issue, and we have to discuss it not only with parliamentarians, but also with the Ministries of Defense, Interior, Agriculture and the Directorate of Immigration. This is a state issue and it is clear that the priority of the government is to facilitate the work of national investors.”

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