The Michoacan government will provide scholarships for children with cancer

Leopoldo Hernandez / Quadratine

Morelia, Michigan, April 12, 2022. – The Governor of Michoacan, Alfredo Ramirez Pedulla, has launched the Support Program for Families of Girls and Boys with Cancer, which consists of providing a four-year scholarship, while treatment continues.

The President, accompanied by the head of the DIF system, Gisele Tello, noted that this issue goes beyond mere social policy.

In Casa Michoacán, Ramirez Pedulla explained that the program to support girls and boys with this condition would have no color and would not be subject to the minor’s socioeconomic status.

The important thing is that it will be a support for caring parents who stop working to be aware of their children with cancer.

During the event, it was clarified that the program targets Michoacan minors up to 17 years of age who are undergoing treatment.

The support will consist of 4,000 pesos per month to support referrals and other expenses for patients and their families, regardless of whether they are receiving treatment in other entities or in public health institutions.

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