The Mayor’s Office in Cali will hold an informational exhibition on the All-and-All-Study Strategy

The activity will take place from November 26-30 on the Boulevard del Río, specifically in the sector between La Ermita Church and the emblematic Coltabaco building. There will be five days during which young people between the ages of 14 and 28 will be able to visit the stands and attend workshops, talks and orientation sessions to learn about the details of the programme.

“This fair seeks to enable many young people to learn to enter higher education or work programs so that they have a technical, technical or professional career,” said Professor José Darwin Linis Mejia, Minister of Education of Cali.

The exhibition stands will be open for all to study to the public between 8am and 5pm, and there will be 38 Educational Institutions for Labor and Human Development (ETDH), as well as the Universities of Valle, Javeriana and Essie. , San Buenaventura is self-governing in the west. Likewise, there will be the presence of public entities of the national system such as Icetex, the National Register of Civil Status and Sisbén.

It is important to note that 10,000 young people from the capital of Valle del Cauca will benefit from this local government initiative, a commitment to social transformation in Cali through education. “We are waiting for you so you can access information on requirements and know how to apply,” said Alexandra Mondero Rivera, Director of Strategy for the Everyone and Everyone Study Program.

Strategy lines

Everything for study consists of seven lines of action.

1) Graduated Talent: It will affect 1,000 high school graduates from 2018 onwards from formal educational institutions and contractual coverage schools that have already offered Saber 11 exams and who wish to improve their scores to access higher education.

2) Talents 10 and Eleven: This line contains 1,000 places for youth in grades 10 and 11. Its goal is to enhance students’ skills so that they can obtain a score on a state examination that allows them to enter a university career.

3) Year Zero: Consists of one year, during which 1,000 students will attend Universidad del Valle to receive training in areas such as English, critical reading, citizenship competencies, mathematics, physics, chemistry and biology. At the end of the twelve months, they will have direct access to the undergraduate program at the institution.

4) Scholarships at high-quality universities: 400 young people will receive scholarships to study the undergraduate program at the universities of Icesi, San Buenaventura, Autónoma de Occidente and Javeriana.

5) Scholarships for technical, vocational, technological and university professions: 2,600 young people will study with scholarships at other higher education institutions such as the National School of Sport, Intenalco and the Antonio José Camacho University Institute.

6) Education for Work and Human Development: consists of 3000 places so that young people from Cali can enter a technical work program that allows them to join the world of work.

7) Completion of Education: 1,000 young people will be allowed to complete their primary and secondary education through CLEI courses.

The district administration invites Cali youth and their parents to participate in the educational exhibition of Todos y todos a estuda. “We will have spaces so that attendees can ask questions, clarify their doubts and make a good decision,” said District Education Profile Leader Jose Darwin Linis Mejia.

José Darwin Linis Mejia – Minister of Education in Cali

Cesar Leandro Zamora Perez

Minister of Communications and Education

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