" The list of scholarship recipients for people with disabilities for 2022 has been published - El Heraldo de Chihuahua - cifpharm

The list of scholarship recipients for people with disabilities for 2022 has been published – El Heraldo de Chihuahua

The Chihuahua Municipal Government, through the Directorate of Human Development and Education, has released the list of recipients of the “Human Development Scholarships for Persons with Disabilities 2022” program, which can be consulted on the page: http: // www. mUNICIPIOchihuahua.gob.mx/CCS/Convocatorias.

In this edition there will be 2,500 people who will be entitled to this municipal support; Of them, 2,254 are from urban areas and 246 are from rural areas, elected by a validation commission composed of public officials and representatives of civil organizations.

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For the urban area:

Payment will be made in dispersal form through Santander Bank based on the first letter of the beneficiary’s paternal surname. You, the trustee or the beneficiary with official proof of identity, can go to any bank branch in this city, from 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM from June 6 to July 5.

Payment dates:

Letter A: Monday, June 06

Message B: Tuesday 7 June

Message C: Wednesday, June 8

Letter D: Thursday, June 9

Letter E: Friday 10 June

Letter F: Monday, June 13

Message Z: Tuesday, June 14

Message H: Wednesday 15th June

First message: Thursday, June 16th

Letter J: Friday 17 June

Letter K: Monday, June 20

Letter L: Tuesday, June 21

Message M: Wednesday, June 22

The letter N-Ñ: Thursday 23 June

Message Q: Friday, June 24

Message A: Monday, June 27

Message Q: Tuesday 28 June

Message R: Wednesday, June 29

Letter S: Thursday, June 30

Letter T: Friday, July 1

UVW Messages: Monday 4th July

Messages XYZ: Tuesday 5th July

Beneficiaries may collect fees at any of the 15 branches, so it is recommended not to do so

Moving to the branches of the center to avoid clusters.

Banco Santander, Branches:

• Independencia (Av. Independencia # 415. Col. Centro).

Juarez Market (Juarez, #2003, Col. Centro).

• Main Chihuahua (Av. Independencia and Juárez #100 Col. Centro).

• Avalos (Avenue Fuentes Maris, No. 8802, Colonel Division del Norte).

• District One (Vía Trentino, #5701, Col. Desarrollo el Saucito).

• Platinum (La Cantera Plaza Platinum Street, No. 9101, Colonel Las Misiones).

• Paseos de Chihuahua (Av. Cristóbal Colón #14549, Fracc. Paseos de Chihuahua).

• Industries (Av. Tecnológico # 6904 Col. Lago Chihuahua).

• University (University Street # 3302 Col. Magisterial).

• Chihuahua Credit Union (Antonio de Montes y Escudero #1097, Colonel San Felipe).

• Exhibitions (Blvd. Ortiz Mena # 404 Col. San Felipe ll.).

• The Americas (Av. De las Américas # 108 Int. 4 Col. San Felipe l).

• Ortiz Mina (Cali 24 #2700, Col. Fuentes del Santuario).

• The Fountain (Ernesto Talavera #206, Col. Zarco).

• Views of the sun (Av. de la Juventud #3903, Vistas del Sol Shopping plaza).

It is important that, if, for any reason, the creditors are unable to receive the payment or in the event of a sensitive death of the beneficiary, they can call 072 or phone 614-200-48-00 ext. and education.

Rural area: Beneficiaries should be aware of the corresponding date, which will later be notified by the Rural Development Department and the auxiliary authorities.

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