The Itaipu University Scholarship applicants took an exam over the weekend

The Test of Basic Skills for the University of Itaipu Scholarships, in its call for 2022, registered a total of 7,197 applicants for the Mathematics and Spanish Exam, whose academic quota is 3000 as submitted by Binational.

Last Saturday 12th March The applicants agreed to the exams, and for this activity six places were made available in total, distributed in different regions of the country, and the assessment day was carried out without setbacks.

They submitted undergraduate degrees from the 2019, 2020 and 2021 promotions, from various departments in the country, to present themselves. The test lasted 120 minutes and in places where there was a greater influx of enrollees, two shifts were enabled.

At the same time, the huge conference was held at the Faculty of Chemistry (UNA), San Lorenzo. Luque (CITEC); pregnancy (UNC); Encarnacion (UNI); Colonel Oviedo (UNCA) and Ciudad del Este (UNE).

Applicants with disabilities and those from Aboriginal communities who, due to affirmative action, are not subject to exam results, are also taken for the test; They must be involved in all stages of selection. Like every year, Itaipu provided a sign language interpreter service and the facilities also met the accessibility criteria.

exam results It will be available from Monday 14 March on the institutional website, and students who have obtained the required score will proceed to the socio-economic assessment phase, which will be responsible for the National Institute of Statistics (UNE).

From binationalism they indicated that the weighting criteria in the scholarship selection process in this call are the following: final grade point average in secondary education, 10%; Qualification obtained in the Test of Basic Competencies for Spanish and Mathematics, 40%; The socio-economic status is 50%.

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