The Grandparent Scholarship Program will resume on Tuesday

Lion.- next one Tuesday Easter The delegation subordinate Care to return to a opens its doors to Restart The Registrations from grown ups Larger from 65 years.

This was stated by the representative of the Care Mauricio Hernandez Nunezwho once indicated that electoral ban After two months , Scholarship Program to grown ups Largeras well as others Scholarships.

He added that those who have achieved 65 years Enter January s April Can already be registered in different offices of Care.

He said that now 463 thousand 942 grown ups Larger from Guanajuato they receive pension for him Care He added that they are annually 9 thousand 103 million 621 thousand pesos Those who practice only for this program.

“The pension for him Care from grown ups Larger The unstable situation has changed to high percentage of families in Guanajuatoroughly half a million from U.S grown ups enjoy this constitutional right s my worldThe federal official said.

“In Guanajuato today, 463,942 seniors have already received a welfare pension, on Monday, April 18, the incorporation process will resume in the entity’s 46 municipalities.”

commented that pension Reaches directly a the pockets of the people of Guanajuato, without intermediarieswhich has a significant impact on Economie of families.

“The aim is to Integrate everyoneThere is no great adult without this benefit Which can be ordered now a from 65 years compliments. People will bear an amount of 3 thousand 850 Pesos every two months, what we are looking for is direct payment without mediation.”

The Economic cycle What’s more it’s done in the entity with economic leakage who arrives a Guanajuato families, which is this year 12 billion of weights 11 programs from Federal government that works in Guanajuato For larger groups vulnerable.

He explained that the beginning of the program and Campaign from foundation It will be held all over the country From the 18th to the 30th of April To avoid crowding, he will attend lumps alphabetically.

He explained that people who have achieved 65 years in months January a April They will be able to attend on the corresponding days a for him nickname.

First of all, from From the 18th to the 25th of April can attend grown ups Larger This is for you nickname never b aAnd B. s c (Alvarez, Becerra, Campos), to name a few.

the days From 19 to 26 April These people who nickname that begins with the letters DrAnd AndAnd FAnd JAnd h.

the days From 20 to 27 April May those people who nickname start with letters nAnd nAnd alsoAnd sAnd s s s.

22 s April 29 He will be able to attend people who nickname start with letters yesAnd TAnd orAnd FifthAnd WAnd Xand z.

He said that these people are for a reason can’t attend The moment you touch them by the last name, they’ll be able to do that in a day April 23 also Well at the end of the process foundationthat means today April 30.

Hernandez Nunezstated that those people who have more than 65 years And for some reason they weren’t merged, they’d be able to do that too This month.

exhort a guanajuanas a let them come a The units from CareAnd a integrated development centers (IDC) also a Aimen 10 regional directorates located in condition from Guanajuato a make for you Procedure from foundation.

I remember it in condition There are 46 branches of secretary subordinate Care Also located in 15 banks subordinate Care from Guanajuato.

He explained that it is necessary to grown ups Larger Sign Up a a near or near as your assistant pensionin the case of the elderly I can not go a your collection pensionLet your assistant do it.

I finally mentioned that interested You can consult DateAnd the time s reproduction From the corresponding module in outlet Locate your, where they will have to go with files Updated documents How do INE . Certificationpassport, primerprofessional licence, Inapam credentials also verification card, curp and birth certificate readable s updatedAnd Address proof not big a six months (Telephonelight, Gaswater also predator) , s Telephone Contact to continue a you Procedure.


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