The government has announced the Progresar scholarship application dates: registration date and amount of support

Registration will start in a few weeks

The government has announced the opening of registration for scholarships for the Argentine Student Support Program (PROGRESAR), which It will start on March 1st and will run until April 30th, so that high school and university students can apply for state aid to finish their studies. The measure was reported by Resolution 799/2022Posted on Friday in Official Gazette.

Signed by the Minister of Education. Jaime Perzicthen the call was announced to people interested in this assistance, both for the line “compulsory education completion” and for the “promotion of higher education”, With monthly support created at $6,400 for both cases.

Meanwhile, for scholarship holders who are students in certain university positions that since 2020 have been called “strategic,” the aid will also be 6,400 pesos in the case of second-year students, but it has been increased to $6,740 for third-year students. for 4th graders and $10,660 for 5th graders.

Similarly, students of non-university “strategic professions” may receive a stipend of 6,400 pesos.

to order Line to complete compulsory educationthe interested party must be between 16 and 24 years old and prove that he is an Argentine, citizen, naturalized or foreigner with at least two years of legal residence in the country, and all must have a national identity document.

Persons up to 35 years of age who are responsible for a single parent household with minor children can also apply for the scholarship; members of indigenous communities and/or belonging to indigenous peoples; Transgender and disabled people. In the latter cases there is no minimum age for registration.

Finally, it was reminded that the sum of a young person’s income and that of their family group must not exceed three minimum wages, vital and mobile (SMVM) excluding young applicants with a non-contributory pension due. For disability, and the obligation to submit the student’s regular certificates and the required academic conditions.

While, lines Advancement of higher education It targets young adults between the ages of 17 and 24, or even 30 for students applying, and proves that they are Argentines, citizens, naturalized or foreigners who have at least five years of legal residence in the country, and have a national identity document.

High school students are back in attendance after months of quarantine
High school students are back in attendance after months of quarantine

There are two subcategories of this benefit, Coming studentsnamely those who did not report higher academic activity prior to their introduction, and those who advancedthose who apply for benefits and who started their higher education before the year in which they applied, according to information provided by the respective academic institution.

The family income requirements will be the same as in the previous case, but to access this advantage it is also necessary to be an intermediate level graduate and not owe materials at the time of enrollment; Joining study or studying in the position of a graduate or university student in public institutions such as national and local universities, national university institutes, and studying or beginning to study in technical training and teacher training institutes of the state administration.

The scholarship application must be submitted through the registration form available on the Progresar website ( or through the Progresar application. The applicant will only be able to amend his data until the moment the above-mentioned registration form is closed and submitted. Once submitted, you will be registered as an applicant and in the stated terms.

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