The government administers university scholarships for young people – El Sol de San Luis

To provide young people from Potosi with educational opportunities for their professional development and ensure their life choices away from violence and crime, the Potosi Youth Institute (Inpojuve) has signed a cooperation agreement with the University of Technology (UT) to award 100 percent scholarships in enrollment operations.

The head of the institute stressed that this joint effort will directly benefit the youth sector in the capital region, as it represents an economic support that does not hinder their educational aspirations at the highest level.

He specified that more than 200 scholarships at a 100% discount on admission to the profession of senior university technician in the school and the mixed method, will be awarded to first-year students admitted to the entrance examination for the period 2022-2023.

“One of the commitments of the state governor, Ricardo Gallardo Cardona, is to solve the most pressing shortcomings of young people, such as the issue of education, and to provide it with the necessary tools so that young people can build their own destiny, away from violence and addiction.”

He added that Inpojuve will coordinate the university scholarship process with the Head of Student Services at UTSLP, in order to issue the corresponding letters annually in a timely manner, according to a specific calendar, in addition to having its main objective is to build a safe country and promote peaceful coexistence among the youth of Potosí.

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