The General Machinery Bureau is operating at a ‘slow pace’.

keep going this friday public attention – Full-time, from 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM – At the registry and general instrument office in Barranquilla, after being closed for several days due to internal malfunctions in the operation of the electrolyte, as Superintendent Jothenny Fernanda Garcia said.

However, users complained again yesterday but now of a ‘delay in service’.

People were stationed yesterday at the entrance to the office. headquarters. center They mentioned that although they arrived before the service opened (8:00 AM), even 2 hours earlier they had to wait between half an hour to be able to come in for a procedure.

“They only allow 5-6 people to enter. While these people are free, within half an hour, they order Entry than five other people,” one user said.

Other people in the service indicated that the new headquarters of the entity was necessary to improve users’ attention and provide service.

In the face of this situation, one of the office officials indicated that they were behaving in the same way as in previous years, regarding a ruling by the Notaries and Registration Supervisory Authority to receive this number of users in the facilities due to the protocols against Covid.

Thursday, Notary Public Oversight Authority It was reported through a statement that service would resume at 2:00 pm.

“After launching the emergency operation, the Barranquilla Public Instruments Registration Office It reopened its doors. Meanwhile, Air-e is carrying out corrective maintenance for the substation, following the damage caused by the overvoltage that affected several pieces of equipment within the entity and customer service.”

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