The General Administration of Ports will train personnel of the Argentine Navy – Gestión Sindical

Thanks to an agreement signed with the force authorities, the entity will offer scholarships to individuals to add technical skills and become professionals in various aspects of naval activity.

The General Administration of Ports (AGP), depends on Ministry of Transportation National, a training framework agreement with the Argentine Navy to offer various scholarships and access to training courses for officers of that institution.

The text also provides for the possibility of adding agreements.Training courses; Auxiliary investigation work and technical advice by the AGP of the Argentine Navy«.

Likewise, it was stated that it “will bring benefits to both parties, as well as an opportunity to strengthen the federal presence.” AGP in the rest of the country.”

strong relationships

By signing the document, the auditor AGP, Jose Brown“Through this agreement, we are deepening close ties with a central actor in the national marine and marine life, reaffirming technical capacity and advocating for the professionalization of workers across the country,” he emphasized.

Accompany the sub-observer Administrator Patrick Hogan.


On his part, the Admiral Julius Horace GuardThe Chief of the Naval General Staff stressed the importance of this framework agreement, which opens the possibility of expanding the agreement so that members of the naval forces can General Administration of Ports They are trained in various naval training institutes.

especially inmarine sciences schooldepends on Navava University InstituteFor, which offers various courses such as oceanography, hydrography, meteorology and degrees in marine cartography, among others.

new grants

Specifically, four scholarships for officers will be included argentina army In the cycles of ports dictated by National Ports Training CenterA (CENCAPOR), as well as one for cycles UNCTADInvitation to participate in various activities organized jointly with CIP OEA.

Port associations declared in “state of alert and on the move” due to problems in the sector

The Director of Naval Departments of the Navy, Commodore, participated in the signing. Enrique Antonio BalbiThe captain of the ship (right) from the Ports Division, Raul Edward Panama; As well as Director of Communications, Corporate and International Affairs at AGP, Ariel DenDeputy Director of the Port Training Center. Marcelo Tepper.

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