The fourth edition of the ViiV Scholarships seeks projects focused on the care of patients with HIV infection

ViiV Scholarships has a grant of 160,000 euros to be distributed to selected projects.

April 5, 2022. 12:47 pm

ViiV Healthcare has launched a new call for ViiV Scholarships “The optimal model of care for HIV patients”. The goal in this fourth edition is to catalyze projects that contribute to the implementation of a new healthcare model. To do this, the The scholarships have an endowment of 160,000 euros For distribution among selected projects. deadline for Viewing projects will be open until June 24, 2022.

José Martín, Medical Director of ViiV Healthcare in Spain and Portugal and member of the Scientific Committee for the ViiV Scholarships, explains that it is essential that the health system is able to respond to these new challenges faced by people living with HIV. For this reason, our commitment is to fund projects for agents involved in their care and concern, from health professionals to patient associations. Groups who in previous editions of the scholarship have shown us their commitment and ability to innovate.”

The The call for ViiV Scholarships is part of the “Interdisciplinary Project” ‘national politics’, promoted by GeSIDA, SEISIDA and ViiV Healthcare. Since their inception in 2019, these scholarships have contributed funding to 11 projects. Its origin lies in the need to adapt the acute care prototype for people living with HIV Current history of infection. But, People with HIV currently live longer and face a higher risk of developing comorbidities. This, in turn, has given rise to new challenges of a regulatory and healthcare nature.

Keys to the Fourth Edition of ViiV Scholarships

One of the most relevant aspects in the evaluation of innovative projects nominated for ViiV grants is Multidisciplinary. In this sense, the “optimal model of HIV care” has shown that improving health outcomes depends not only on good diagnoses and treatments. Also in the way multidisciplinary assistance is organized and managed.

At the same time, during the evaluation of projects, the potential impact of the initiative in terms of quality of life is also taken into account. Also its feasibility and reproducibility. In other words, these ideas can be implemented profitably and can be easily expanded to other areas, services, hospitals and institutions.

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