The first recipient of the Rafael Ardella Scholarship

The first recipients of the Rafael Ardella Scholarship Fund, which honors the memory of the late Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Autonomous University of Bucaramanga, Onab, who died in July last year, were interviewed.

“We were able to make the decision to award these scholarships to fund the entire degree, paying 75% of the value of the program they started taking. We are very excited and happy that you are students at our university and hope that you will be able to achieve the greatest success in this training process, and at a later date On life,” the president of the University of Onab, Juan Camilo Montoya Pozzi, told the new students.


The races involved Yuli Paula Cabrera Santos, Darwin Hernandez Sandoval, Luisa Marcela Martinez, Maria Claudia Alejandra Garcia Hernandez, Eric Santiago Meneses, Juan David Ramirez Castilla, Melvin Santiago Bastos Dáñez Navarro and Christian Andres Acuña Veranda. Technology in Safety and Health at Work, Gastronomy and Gourmet, Technology in Business, Audiovisual Arts, Biomedical Engineering, Financial Engineering, Mechatronics Engineering, and a Bachelor’s Degree in Early Childhood Education.

“They gave us the opportunity to continue studying, to continue education at an excellent, high-quality university, so that we can move forward with our families,” said Christian Acuña, in appreciation of the Ardila Duarte family, donors and Unab. ..

Claudia Hernandez, the mother of one of the beneficiaries, was satisfied with her daughter’s opportunity to access higher education: “Thank you to the people who created this fund. There are young people here with many dreams and behind each of them a world and a life story. The truth is that it has affected us deeply.”

The philosophy of this scholarship

The Rafael Ardella Scholarship Fund becomes Unab’s commitment to providing more young people in the region with the opportunity to realize their dream of becoming professionals.

It is worth noting that at the forefront of this initiative come the family members of Rafael Ardella, who announced that through this fund, up to 75% of the value of tuition fees are awarded to “Belos” students with limited economic resources.

“He – Rafael Ardella – always believed that education is very important in society because he said that educated people are free people. So I feel proud to be in this moment,” said Nancy Arenas, the wife of the late businessman.

“The fund was set up to continue Rafael Ardella Duarte’s dream of supporting education in Santander and, moreover, to ensure that many low-income students have access to higher education and build a better future for themselves, their families and Santander,” said Rodolfo. Mantila Yakum, current Chairman of the Board of Directors of Unab.

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