The financial sector is committed to the role of women in science

To achieve gender equality, it is essential that corporate social responsibility supports women in science. explore!

Advances in science, technology, engineering and mathematics, otherwise known as STEM, are areas that contribute to the development of a country striving for gender equality, creating jobs and improving societies.

However, in terms of equal opportunities and women in the field, the expected results have not yet been achieved. According to UNESCO, in 2019, female researchers made up only 29.3%; Furthermore, only 3% of the Nobel Prizes in Science have been awarded to women throughout history.

Suffice it to recall such rare examples as that of Marie Curie, the scientist who discovered radium and polonium. Or the case of Caroline Herschel, who discovered new nebulae and star clusters.

Given the importance of this field to society, one of the sectors that has committed to promoting the role of women in science is the financial sector.

Responsible Banking: Supporting Women in Science

One way to increase the number of women in science is with various types of support, including scholarships, which are given to anyone so that they can access specific programs or have the possibility to finance their studies.

Scholarships are a tool used by various institutions and organizations – in this case from the financial sector – through Santander Mexico, which has the distinction of being responsible banking services supporting the academic and professional development of women in the field of science.

We are convinced that education is an essential element to contribute to the progress of present and future generations and to building a better world.

Santander Mexico.

The way in which Santander Mexico contributes to the development of Mexican women scientists is through Santander Universities and its plan to support higher education, which includes various training programs for women.

In 2021 alone, 51% of the scholarships offered by Santander Mexico were awarded to female undergraduate students.

During 2022, Santander Mexico, through Santander Universities, will launch several programs targeting women, including:

  • Santander X Award | Women Entrepreneurship | Mexico, where the best projects will be selected to be mentored by Endeavor and its projects will be accelerated by providing support to nearly 400,000 pesos.
  • Santander Women Scholarships | Support for Students with Disabilities, a program in which twenty women are supported with maintenance scholarships of 50,000 pesos annually.

Two scholarship programs are also available that focus on coaching and promoting women’s leadership: Santander Scholarships for Women | Emerging Leaders 2022 – LSE and Santander Scholarships for Women | W50 Leadership 2022 – LSE, which can be accessed through

Women in Santander flag

These initiatives, promoted by Santander Mexico, help reverse the trajectory of Matilda effect And to increase women’s participation in science, both in research and in entrepreneurship.

What is the effect of Matilda?

As mentioned earlier, women were excluded in such matters that some of their discoveries were even given to men in the past, this is known as Matilda effect. One of the important contributions for this purpose is the contribution of Harriet Zuckerman – the American sociologist.

Zuckerman defended his thesis in 1965 on the grounds that younger researchers did not receive proper credit due to structural hierarchy in research. This argument was the basis of the Matthew Effect (the predecessor of the Matilda Effect), for which Zuckerman received no credit.

It wasn’t until 1993 when Margaret W. Rossiter about what happened to Matthew effect Any systematic neglect of women in science. This effect is called The Harriet / Matilda Effectin honor of its discovery and activist Matilda Jocelyn Gage – who was the first to echo this fact -.

Women in Science The Matilda Effect

At present, women in science still occupy a secondary position, not because their contributions are insignificant, but because they are still obscured and/or attributed to men according to the structures that make up society.

Therefore, the actions that cooperate to mitigate Matilda effect They will always be recognized. One obvious way is through the Santander Women STEM Scholarships, which not only recognize scholars but also enable their leadership in these fields.

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