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Hoping that in the next few days they will get their support cards for the 65 and over program, which in some cases have been withheld since last December, many seniors went to the polls on Sunday to vote in favor of repealing the mandate within the United States. Country.

A faithful sample of the above was living in the municipalities of the central region such as Villa Juarez, where representatives of this sector before the retirement program for the elderly told this medium that they received a visit to the nation’s servers for a few days who transferred them. Precise indications of how they will participate in Election Day and tell them they will get a boost to vote this Sunday with the seniors they represent.

They also mentioned that when asked when support cards will be delivered to some seniors whose support has been withheld since last December, servants of the nation stated that it will be from Monday, April 11, when they do so. Start receiving support, but not before telling them they have to go to the polls and vote to revoke their mandate to do so.

Several seniors also expressed this concern about someone who took notes at the entrance to the venue during polling day in the aforementioned municipality.

In this place, it was possible to verify, in an interview with a representative of Morena, the support that was given to the elderly so that they could move to the polling station, as well as the fact that many of them were transported (transferred) in different private cars .. to a place Polling, as we have seen.

The people who arrived at the venue expressed in comments among themselves, that they went to vote for fear of withdrawing support from their elderly parents, and a son and even a grandson, would be under the youth support program, this may have been. The case of Arturo Rodriguez and Rossio N.

It is worth noting that the vast majority of voters are elderly, as confirmed in an interview conducted by a representative of the company Morena.

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