The district offers scholarships for young people to train them in English

Promoting second language training has become one of the pillars of the current district administration to improve the quality of education and provide qualified job opportunities for young people.

A total of 5,000 young people will benefit from it during the year English for workan English language strengthening program aimed at restoring employment opportunities in the Atlantic capital.

This strategy is led by Secretary of the Economic Development ZoneIt is allowed to link individuals to the outsourcing sector.

During 2021, an important group of young people benefited from this project.

mayor Jaime Pomarigo He stressed that the city’s commitment to the quality of public education is due to the possibility of changing lives through it, identifying the potential of students and accompanying them in the consolidation of their life projects.

Parallel to this strategy, the program I’m bilingualthat benefit more than 60 thousand students In 121 public schools.

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