The date is set for access to the Merited Scholarships for Students in Barrancabermeja

After the Mayor of Barrancabermeja, Alfonso Elgache, launched a merit scholarship program that the district will recognize for those who stand out in the academic, sports, productivity and social sectors, giving them $50 and 100 million pesos financial support so that the recipients can study what they want and where they want, invitations are open So.

“These scholarships allow the social sector to transfer knowledge for postgraduate and master’s studies amounting to $50 million,” said Eljach Manrique.

“We have also launched commendable scholarships for the best in Saber exams worth up to $100 million,” the district governor added.

Similarly, the mayor of Barrancabermeja stated that for the best athletes there will also be $100 million for undergraduate or graduate careers.

Specifically, the first scholarship was awarded last Thursday to Antonio Vargas, the 17-year-old with 445 points in the Saber 11 exam awarded in this category for being among the most outstanding.

According to the report of Chief Barrankinos, “This is a matter for all Barranquinos who put forth effort, persistence, and discipline that were part of this process.”

Similarly, the Barrancabermeja Mayor’s Office announced that in August there will be centenary grants for access to graduate and master’s programs.

The requirements that athletes must meet to access the scholarship are:

* You have been born in Barrancabermeja, or have demonstrated residence in the city for at least 5 consecutive years prior to claiming the benefit.

* Earning a gold, silver or bronze medal in the National or Transnational Games, or a gold, silver or bronze medal in Bolivarian, Central America, the Caribbean, South America, South America, South America, Paraben American, Olympic and Olympic. Paralympics, World Championships, or Special Olympics, or have gained some national or international recognition in the discipline in which they work.

* Bring a certificate from the sports federations or federations that organize the activity, indicating the games they participated in, the type of medal they obtained and the sports they competed for, which indicates compliance with the above requirements.

* To be accepted at the university where you want to enroll in the undergraduate program.

* Being a high school graduate from educational institutions in Barrancabermeja Province. Merit postgraduate scholarships for the productive and/or social sectors.

The Mayor’s Office will offer merit scholarships to people associated with the sectors: Industry, Tourism, Agro-industry, Environment, Social Leadership, Health, Art and Culture.

The district will cover a maximum value of $50 million, which will cover the tuition value of the study program. If the amount of the expenses exceeds the waived credit, the beneficiary must bear the excess.

In this method there will be two stages to choose. Initially, applicants must submit qualification requirements. Those who meet the requirements will proceed to Phase 2 where the final selection process will take place.

“Every year, we give priority to different sectors that require professionals specialized in certain fields, according to the economic needs of the region, according to our development plan and representatives of productive sectors such as unions and businessmen themselves,” said the mayor. , Alfonso Elgash Manrique

These are the requirements:

* You have been born in Barrancabermeja, or have demonstrated residence in the city for at least 5 consecutive years prior to claiming the benefit.

* For programs abroad, the applicant must provide a certificate that guarantees knowledge of the language, other than Spanish, required by the university.

* The applicant must have at least one initiative applicable to the sector of the postgraduate course they want.

* To be accepted by the university in which you want to enroll in the postgraduate program.

* Hold a professional university degree at an institution of higher education accredited by the Ministry of National Education, if the degree is with an international institution, it must be validated.

*The scholarship will not be deferred for the coming years.

* Have a minimum of 5 years approved and specific experience in this sector

According to the call confirmation. The documentation should contain the start and end dates, reason for termination and jobs performed.

After completing the requirements, the applicant enters into a selection process where he must first submit an essay supporting how the chosen graduate course contributes to the productivity of the economic sector to which the call of the district belongs, a proposal to improve himself, and how the knowledge will be transferred to city companies or to an office Mayor of Barrancabermeja.

As a second measure, the candidate must give a speech (short speech or conference) justifying the merit of the postgraduate course he is aspiring to.

It must certify recognition at any regional level, be it district, district, national or international for its specific work in the sector in accordance with the confirmation of the invitation.

The applicant must also provide certified experience in the sector, and the number of initiatives applicable to the sector.

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