The cyclist who celebrates the Mapuche flag and who dreams of being a Pan American Mountain Bike Champion

Evelyn Muñoz is not just an athlete. Despite his brilliance in the XCO mountain bike, Before that she was an athlete, swimming and triathlete for many years, she did skateboarding and decided to keep the bike, That was never a “comfort” test in a triathlon. Until he fell in love with mountain biking.

Munoz She was the Elite XCO National Champion in 2016, 2017, 2020 and 2021, as well as the holder of the XCM National titles in 2017 and 2018.. In a conversation with RedGol, he explained how he chose bikes and why he’d rather do this class than road biking.

“Before riding a mountain bike, I did triathlon. When I was a girl I did that too, but they quit scholarship and I couldn’t continue. And then when I was growing up, I did a triathlon on my own and that was pretty expensive. So I decided to stick with one of the three sports; I was doing really well in swimming because I was a swimmer, I was doing very well in running because I was an athlete, and in fact I was doing very poorly in cycling, But I loved him, so I stayed with him.”

However, mountain biking was never his first choice. “I started doing the road every day and it felt very monotonous. It made me want to go mountain biking to connect with the hill and try something different. I bought the bike, started pedaling and said ‘No, that’s my sport’. He has adrenaline I liked it because I was also skating; It has the physical and technical part, and I liked it a lotso I stayed and practiced it for 10 years,” Muñoz explained.

Two weeks ago, the National rider stood on the podium and won third place in the Argentine Open C2 mountain bike. “The truth is it’s good, I was following the plan that we set out with my coach. Early in the season, in January, I was doing really well on the podium but not like before, and I felt like I was in the prime because we were preparing for the Bolivarian Games and the Pan-American Games in Argentina.. I’ve leveled up now and I feel like before, but we’re still getting ready for that date, because I still need to improve.”

However, these are not his only goals. “It’s on my mind All the time at the Pan American Games 2023 and now I’m going to the Chile Cup, which will be in Angostura on May 7-8. Then I travel to Puerto Rico, also in the middle of May, and at the end of that month I become the Pan American region of Argentina. Then in June I think about whether to go to Brazil or not, it depends on Lucas, and at the end of that month it will be the Bolivarian Games,” said Evelyn Muñoz.

Between May 25 and 29, in San Fernando del Valle, Catamarca, the 2022 Pan American Mountain Bike Championship will be in Argentina. The athlete’s dream is to get on the podium, having previously been in fifth place.

Evelyn Munoz He has been working for a few months with Women4Sports, an app that seeks to create matches Between athletes and brandsCoaches, clubs, university scholarships, etc. She is a world leader and her main mission is to promote the role of women in sports. It’s available on iPhone and Android and is free for athletes.

Regarding this, Eve admitted that “it was a very good relationship, the boys moved a lot. Some things have arrived but we can’t match because I have very similar benefits and can’t take it. But it still showed some little things and it was very interactive, and there is a lot of communication with the boys.

What benefits do you already have? For example, “Now I have a coach who first trained me to ride mountain bikes; I had others, but I got back with him and us three years ago. He sees me in training, and I have one too nutrition specialist Who is from Argentina and travels from time to time specifically for my evaluation, but he is in constant contact with me. I have one Mathematical Psychologist At the High Performance Center and I also do assessments there, everything is medical. I also have It is a company that supports me in everything related to kinesiology“.

proud Mapuche

Muñoz marked the end of both his career, brandishing Wenufoye, also known as the Mapuche flag. Santiaguina, but with a family in Panguipulli, the cyclist admitted that one of her main motivations was to connect the indigenous people with the sport.

“I’ve always been proud of my roots. The issue of indigenous peoples is rarely seen in sports, because one always carries the flag of Chile. In other words, it’s not that I don’t feel like a Chilean; I was born in Chile, I live here, I am Chilean, but the indigenous peoples cause is much more in my blood, and my family. My mom works as an indigenous language teacher in Chiloe. My brother is also very involved in this topic, we’ve been to several Aboriginal association groups and I’ve always been attached to the topic.”

For Evelyn, raising her flag is “always a motivating factor and This mind makes me so strong, because if one knew the struggle of the MapucheResistance, is what I have in my head and in my way,” he closed.

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